Shopify is hiring a

Senior Recruiter, Shopify Plus

Waterloo, Canada

These are early and exciting days for Shopify Plus in Waterloo. A growing customer base of high-volume, high-growth merchants. The leverage of a robust and proven platform that is Shopify. A beautiful new office in an historic and iconic building in Waterloo Region.

Our talent acquisition team is growing and we're looking for experienced folks who are passionate about team-building and finding and attracting all the best people to grow our business.

Here's what we're looking for:

Great recruiters are genuinely interested in people and enjoy conversations. They are curious about humans, how we function, how we act and react. Recruiters have the ability to actively listen and gain a deep understanding of a candidate's past experiences. Their motivation is to gain a clear understanding of someone’s story and to uncover the theme of their path so far. The best recruiters have an insane capability of learning new things quickly. Before you can engage and inform those outside of Shopify about our business and the needs we have, you need to fully understand it yourself. Continuous learning is an absolute must.

Our growth trajectory demands a high degree of engagement, intensity and the ability to deliver. We need someone who can push the needle. Shopify recruiters must be gritty enough to review hundreds of backgrounds that may be 'good' and be patient and focused to find the candidates who are great. We will not settle. Our only option is to hire people who will increase the average employee calibre and make Shopify better.

Recruiters are typically labelled as “great talkers” who can sell candidates on awesome opportunities. However, it’s less about being a salesperson and more about being able to effectively communicate the problems we’re solving at Shopify and how we’re solving them. Shopify is an extremely unique environment with numerous career opportunities. Our goal is to attract the right people for these challenging roles.

We're hiring for multiple roles in the Talent Acquisition team:

Senior Recruiter - experienced in working with the business to understand and guide recruitment needs; skilled in attracting, evaluating and hiring for a wide range of roles; willing to specialize

Recruiter - passionate about team-building; interested in people and their stories; will attract, evaluate and hire for a specialized area; willing and ready to learn recruitment

Campus Recruiter - own intern recruiting for Waterloo and impact R&D intern hiring across all offices; make presentations to students, travel to schools, build employer brand on campus

Recruiting Researcher - genuine curiosity and research tenacity to explore and identify people, places and events; map out where the top talent is and how to creatively reach them

The best part about working at Shopify? The freedom to be you. We value authenticity, openness, and diversity in everything we do. We want you to do the best work of your career, and we’ll give you everything you need to make it happen.

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