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Data Scientist

San Francisco, United States


Remember the last time you visited a friend at a company and you had to use an iPad to sign in at the front desk? Be it at Box, Yelp, GoPro, Pixar or elsewhere, chances are pretty good that was Envoy you were using—we build that! Though a seemingly simple concept at the onset, the product has quickly grown to millions of visitors in thousands of active offices worldwide. Envoy makes everything simple: collecting visitor information, signing documents, printing badges and sending host notifications via email, SMS, Slack, and many others. This focus on experience and practicality is who we are.

And with Envoy Passport, the experience gets even better. Available on iOS and Android, visitors can sign in via Bluetooth LE when they get within range of Envoy iPads. This makes it so the visitor doesn't even need to type in anything, all the information is pulled from their phone and put onto the iPad. Passport leverages the enormous Envoy network as a way of making things even easier.

We're here to stay. Envoy is backed by Andreessen Horowitz and noteable angels like Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo, and Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke. We're on a strategic expansion and need your help! There are many more products we could be building and experiences to improve.

Thanks for considering us!


The Data Science team at Envoy empowers product, marketing, finance, and sales to make critical data-driven decisions on a daily basis. As part of the team, your role will be a highly-visible one responsible for defining, collecting and analyzing key metrics, identifying data trends, and developing predictive algorithms to help diagnose the health of our core business and its products. You will also ensure that analyses are always statistically meaningful, and that conclusions are drawn following best analytical practices across the organization.

This role is particularly interesting because of the way Envoy grows: organically. People visit offices, get intrigued by what they used to sign-in and eventually get it into their own office. This has lead to viral distribution around the world. We need your help to investigate this and find strategies to exploit this consumer-style growth except in B2B (and at B2B prices)!

As we're quite young, there are lots of huge wins waiting to be uncovered. We're incredibly excited to have your help in discovering them!

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