BCG Digital Ventures is hiring a

Regional Marketing Specialist

Manhattan Beach, United States

We’re BCG Digital Ventures. Welcome.
We live in thrilling and disruptive times. A new startup launches every 60 seconds somewhere on the planet. Powerful technology and agile operating structures are shifting the world’s business landscape at a breakneck pace. We believe that the world’s most influential corporations need to set this pace, not follow it. So, we make them think and act like startups, venturing alongside them to build disruptive, profoundly impactful ideas.
Once you step into one of our global hubs, you’ll meet like-minded, open thinkers and passionate pioneers. You’ll work together in a team-based environment defined by creativity, courage and collaboration. And, you’ll invent and start up game-changing businesses with the world’s most important corporations every day.
We’re a company unlike any other. We’re driven by a team of brilliant, curious and passionate people around the world who are unlike anyone else.
This is BCG Digital Ventures. Adventure awaits you …
Introducing our Venture Operations Team.
Are you up for the adventure of a lifetime? Our Venture Operations Team is how we redefine what’s possible. It’s where organizational insight aligns with operational excellence to keep our business thriving and producing imaginative ventures that have to be seen to be believed.
From human resources and information technology to marketing and operations management, the Venture Operations Team is the internal force that drives us forward, enabling us to expand the limits of human expectation with our compelling products, services and ventures.
Together, these one-of-a-kind problem-solvers direct our inner corporate structures with incomparable precision, profound analytic foresight and a deep commitment to world-class business services.

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