Health I.Q. is hiring a

Public Relations Manager

Mountain View, United States

*Develop the Health IQ PR strategy to include both tech & lifestyle press, influencers, & promotion of our team of experts
*Get the Nation (in the near term) and the world (longer term) to tell and retell the story of Health IQ
*Create captivating stories & sticky talk points to catalyze conversations about health, fitness, and of course Health IQ
*Bring an existing network of media contacts across tech & lifestyle pubs (a range from Techcrunch to POPSUGAR)
Is this Startup Going to Make It?
Our CEO sold his last company to Google for over $120MM.  His prior company to Alibaba.  He was a board member or advisor to over $1B worth of startup exits to companies like Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc. Past performance may not be indicative of future results, but we like our odds. We’ve grown from 8 people 8 months ago to over 50 people now.  We will be around 60-70 people by year end.  This isn’t because we are spending some of the $23MM+ in financing we received like drunken sailors (in fact we are pretty frugal).  This is because our revenues have been doubling almost every month since we started selling policies in January of this year.  
What is it Like to Work Here?
Every company boasts about having an amazing culture and an employee friendly environment.  It is hard to tell truth from fiction when you are just reading a job description or cruising their website.  Instead we’ll just give you the reasons why we are and doing what matters.  
Every employee who joins takes a pledge to celebrate the health conscious while they work here and for the rest of their life.  
We don’t have a pool table.  Instead we have a gym in the middle of our office.  Not in a side room, not in a corner, it is right in the middle of the entire office.  
Our conference room is made up of 4 treadmill desks that face each other so you can do a walking meeting while seeing a presentation, rain or shine.  
There is no sugar, candy bars, soda (diet or otherwise) allowed in our office.  If you bring some it will get thrown away.  
We do a daily standup where we don’t discuss why something is late. Instead we each spend 10 seconds on what we actually shipped today.  
We all leave at 5pm/6pm so we can go to the gym, eat dinner at a healthy hour, and see our kids before they go to sleep.  After 8pm/9pm we get back online and take care of tasks, if needed. Self management is key and required.
We synchronize our PTO so when we are off the whole rest of the company is off.  The only way to have a relaxing vacation at an early stage startup is to do it when everyone else is off. Did we mention 6 weeks, per year?
We share health articles and health stats and think it is fun not annoying.
We have monthly company outings we haven’t all tried before.  The last few were: Zumba, Bubble Soccer, Crossfit, Bikram Yoga, Rock climbing, etc.
Does this resonate with you? If so, keep reading...
What Do We Look For in a Candidate?
A personal or family health story that tells us that you really care about this mission.   If you read the current team’s bios you will see that each of us has been touched by a personal or family health challenge. Most of us used this challenge to change our health destiny and improve our health.  We look for that same level of mission alignment in candidates we meet.  
A track record of success.  We believe winners have always won. We believe, too many people have only had success by association.  Their resume says they went to Stanford, worked at Google, Uber, etc but it is unclear what they really contributed or accomplished at these places.  Our unique interview process helps us identify ​your lifelong accomplishments and allows you to share your story behind your resume. ​​
Optimism.  There is little need for a devil’s advocate at a startup.  The whole rest of the world is fighting against you.  The inside of a startup should be a bastion of hope and optimism.  If you are kind of a curmudgeon this is probably not the place for you.  

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