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Head of Customer Experience Analytics

Moskva, Russia

Job Title: Head of Customer Experience Analytics
Reports to: Customer Experience Centre of Excellence
Location: Moscow, Russia
·         Top down and bottom up NPS analysis methodology development for the Vimpelcom Group OpCos.
·         Development and deep involvement into the process of financial modelling (loyalty effect on the other business indicators) together with the Group and OpCos finance teams.
·         Training on NPS and other CE indicators analytics for CE directors and analysts in OpCos. 
·         Support of OpCos in terms of investigation of bottom up NPS changes on the level of the Group.
·         Creation of NPS reporting format for the  aggregation of data on the level of the Group.
·         Development of methodology of CE improvement initiatives (for NPS growth and other loyalty indicators improvement) financial impact.
·         Control of activity in OpCos in terms of NPS analysis and initiatives effect assessment.
·         Development, training, deep involvement into the design process of pilots for CE improvement initiatives.
·         Analytical support of NPS in personal goals setting and functional cascading processes.
·         Developed the methodology of customers data aggregation and analysis for systematical CE improvement initiatives generation (based on BigData)
·         Analytics team management
·         Data processing and analysis, statistical analysis, regression analysis, qualitative and quantitative marketing research
·         Advanced Excel (or other analytics software) and power point skills
·         Deep knowledge of NPS methodology (top down, bottom up)
·         Telecommunications company business processes understanding
·         Skill of presentation to a wide audience
·         Development of training materials and conducting training for analysts
·         Negotiation and persuasion skills
·         Experience of analyzing qualitative and quantitative marketing research data, deep research requirements setting experience
·         Experience of working for a telecommunications company, understanding of customers’ data structure
·         Team management experience 

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