Twitch is hiring an

Interior Design Manager

San Francisco, United States

At Twitch, we go to extreme lengths and take great pride in articulating our brand thoughtfully, creatively and distinctly in our workplace design.  Walking through our office, employees and visitors step into a virtual world that whimsically and tastefully reflects our brand, pays homage to our industry and celebrates Twitch’s online community.  Our Real Estate team experiments to decide.  We curate experience.  We strive to make Twitch’s homes-away-from-home comfortable and functional places to work, learn and understand what makes our growing business successful.  We’re looking for someone to ensure our expansion continues to create environments that carry a common aesthetic language across the globe.  

Workplace design at Twitch is collaborative, fluid and evolving.  In this role, you’ll use a strong brand lens to create design elements, refine and iterate on existing schematics and help shape the landscape of Twitch’s global presence. As a member of our Real Estate team, you will be responsible for supporting projects across a broad range of services from concept development to construction administration, including workplace strategy, real estate portfolio strategy, brand management and change management.

Our ideal candidate is organized, innovative, knowledgeable and forward-thinking in their management of complex projects.  Reporting to the Head of Global Real Estate, our Interior Design Manager will collaborate with internal and external teams to ensure our designs are as flexible, functional, scalable and cost-effective as they are iconic.  As a member of this small and ambitious team, you will have the opportunity to directly impact Twitch’s global footprint while carving your own path.

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