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Community Manager

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We believe anyone should be able to make their own things. That’s why we’re building a family of simple machines that let you start a production line from your tabletop. Our first product, the FormBox, raised more than half a million dollars on Kickstarter. Our users are really excited to start making with it.

We want to start a movement

We want to usher in a new age of creative home manufacturing. We want to highlight the beauty of the making process and inspire people to make incredible things. We’ll do this by creating beautifully simple videos and sharing them with the world. We’ll also work closely with the incredible artists, designers and makers using our machines to show off what they can do.

That's where you come in

We’re looking for a community manager to help tell the Mayku story and grow our burgeoning community.

We’re a young company, so you’ll be on the front lines - helping us define our tone and share our adventures. You’ll work as part of the core team, coming up with ideas and writing posts to present the Mayku vision to the world.

Hopefully you love making stuff as much as we do and ideally you’re a maker yourself! So you know the highs and lows, the patience making requires and the joy of creating something incredible!

Our community are the most important thing about Mayku - without them, we are nothing. They’ll help us figure out new challenges, flag up problems with our machines and explore new ways of making with us. You’ll be their loving guide through this new and exciting journey.

We’re based at Makerversity, Somerset House. It’s a maker space surrounded by other inspirational studios, artists, designers and writers. It’s a great place to be.

Here's what you'll be doing

  • Collaborating with photographers and art directors to create captivating photos and videos.
  • Writing clear, concise and beautiful pieces of content for updates, blog posts and email updates.
  • Crafting compelling posts for the usual suspects of social media - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - and keeping our followers up to speed with latest goings on in the world of making.
  • Building up our online community through being a social media darling and charming the world.
  • Working with artists and makers to tell their stories and show off how they’re using our machines.
  • Coming up with new ideas for how to grow our community.
  • Measuring what sort of content is working well and reporting back to the team on directions the community are interested in.
  • Deadline for Applications: 14th November 2016

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