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Front End Engineer - Catalytic

Chicago, United States

We are Catalytic. We are dreamers, but we are also doers. Proven doers in fact.

We’re on a mission to elevate team operations. We are building Pushbot, a platform for business processes. We believe that the time has come to set aside misfit, clunky, and legacy solutions. It’s time to embrace the modern era of cloud computing, conversational UI, bots, mobility, machine learning, and beautifully-designed, user-centric interfaces.

If our mission speaks to you, we’d love to talk more! We’re looking for people who are voracious learners, courageous risk-takers, pragmatic perfectionists, and self-directed team players.

We hire first and foremost for personality fit -- one of the most awesome things about a startup like ours is that you get to choose your own adventure. Wherever and however you start at Catalytic, it’s up to you to shape your own destiny.

We’d love to see you have the following skills and experiences, but encourage you to apply if you are close and, most importantly, if you’re passionate about these:

  • Building client-side applications fast, efficient, and scaleable Javascript
  • Leveraging new JS frameworks and approaches, and contributing to their improvement as we grow.
  • Crafting beautiful and responsive HTML5/CSS3, using tools such as Handlebars and Stylus
  • Experience with:

  • Expert experience with JavaScript, and familiarity with frameworks like Backbone and [Ractive](http://www.ractivejs.org/).
  • Handlebars or a similar templating language.
  • Understanding of CSS preprocessors such as Stylus (what we use), or LESS/SASS
  • Our ideal candidate

    Is Experienced. You're a bright, talented engineer and has at least 3-5 years experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript-driven applications. You have written or worked on at least one large-scale JS-driven app before, that leverages a modern framework such as Ractive, Reactive, Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc.

    Has worked with an Agile team. We're a small team of experienced, multidisciplinary product owners, designers, and developers in an ever-changing, fast moving environment. We follow a deeply collaborative 2-week sprint development cycle and have demo days once a week to share our individual and team progress with each other.

    Is flexible. You aren't married to your ideas and you can shift gears easily when things change. You don't sweat the small stuff and are focused on the big picture. You should see feedback as an opportunity to learn, grow, and benefit the project as a whole.

    Wants to make a difference. This isn't just another web app. You get to work on an ambitious platform designed to solve serious, long-standing business problems. We're building something that will revolutionize how businesses organize, and it takes everyone on our team to want the product to succeed.

    Can work independently or remotely. You should be highly organized, and have a strong self-structure and discipline about your work. We have a 'remote-first' approach to our office, which allows us to stay in touch and be productive wherever we are.

    Leaves their ego at the door. We're proud of fostering an environment where everyone's ideas are heard, we help each other whenever possible, and leave the elitism and showmanship at the door.

    We know that the best people in the industry have a lot of choices. Here’s our pitch to you. At Catalytic, you will be working:

  • On an ambitious platform designed to solve serious, long-standing business problems.
  • On an amazing, cutting-edge technology stack that leverages the latest platforms and decades of hard-earned experience.
  • At a well-funded startup, backed by some of the best institutional venture capital firms around.
  • Side-by-side with some of most accomplished business professionals and technologists around.
  • In a casual, friendly environment that respects and encourages work-life balance with great benefits and an unlimited vacation policy.
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