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Sales Development Representative - Edtech

San Francisco, United States

Sales Development Representative - Education Technology

Millions of teachers around the USA are struggling to help 30+ students in their class learn math because every student learns at their own pace. In a typical fourth grade classroom, there may be students learning to count, students learning to add, students learning to multiply, and students learning how exponents work - and one teacher somehow needs to address all these needs.

Similarly, some students may be able to read complex texts and understand ideas contained within, while some students may be at a much earlier level. It’s impossible for a teacher to assign an article to the entire class and expect results - for most it will be either too easy or too hard.

Front Row makes that impossible task possible and, as of today, more than a three million students use Front Row to receive personalized guidance in their learning. Thousands of teachers use Front Row every day to save hours of time and make sure their students are growing at the fastest possible rate. Front Row is successfully venture-funded and on the road to profitability.

It's an amazing opportunity to join a new sales force where we have more leads than we know what to do with! You'll work with the Director of Sales and the sales team to convert Front Row's large base of free users to School Edition. Your ideas and innovation will help build a fantastic competitive sales culture that will feed off each others energy. You'll have the chance to bring adaptive learning to schools and districts, and to talk to curriculum directors and school leaders about the power of Front Row's tools.

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