Founders Factory is hiring a

Startup Studio CTO-Level Lead Engineer

London, United Kingdom

There could be many titles for this role, from Senior Fullstack Developer to CTO in Residence, but none quite capture the uniqueness of this opportunity. The Founders Factory incubator/startup studio will build 60 new tech businesses in the next 5 years. Engineers, product managers, & designers form the core of our incubation process and we need to bolster that effort with additional technical experience, leadership, & expertise.

We’re looking for 3 hands-on tech leaders who will report to the Factory CTO but will take technical ownership for the many projects & startups that we’re pursuing concurrently. This role doesn’t include line management but, as well as taking responsibility for product development, will require experience mentoring a team and aligning engineers around a project.

The role includes:

  • An unmatched environment in which to develop your knowledge of building early-stage tech startups, not just from the tech perspective but the wider business
  • Hands on software development, where you can apply your skills, knowledge & experience across a range of sectors, business models, & products
  • Time split between early concept development (where throw-away prototyping dominates) and product development (where the focus is on building the tech foundation for the new business)
  • A vantage point for identifying the next unicorn you want to ride to the top, leaving the Factory team and taking the tech lead role
  • All the benefits of the startup world (innovation, ownership, pace, etc) but with more security and support.
  • Prove your ability across the topics mentioned above – leadership, delivery, communication, & technical breadth
  • Meet with existing engineering team members and convince them your experience & knowledge is a valuable addition
  • Show the Factory leadership that you’re bought into the wider business-building vision and have the commitment to drive that forward.
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