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Head of Marketplace

As an organization is pieced together there are a few positions that truly are the glue that holds it together. The head of the marketplace is one of those positions.

Every company thinks of this role differently, but at Lawnstarter you will be responsible for balancing supply and demand. This means changing pricing, take rate, directing supply acquisition, paid spend, and much more.

You will harness your data skills (and the existing data team) to make tough decision in an attempt to maximize consumer/provider ltv, work with other team leads to make sure the ship is going in the right direction, and work directly with the ceo to help set company strategy.'

What makes this role awesome

#1 - You’ll be venturing into uncharted territory

To date our supply demand matching has been less than sophisticated. We have proven material difference in conversion rate by price and intriguing retention cohorts, but haven't had the resources to act on this information. Essentially you are sitting on a goldmine of information that can help us change this $74 billion industry. This role allows somebody the chance to essentially start from scratch and build our theories on marketplace dynamics.

#2 - You'll have the support of an incredible team

Over the past years we've built out an incredible team - people with experience in companies like Google, Mckinsey, Sparefoot, Solar Winds and Bazaarvoice.

Additionally we've attracted some of the best consumer tech investors in the world (Justin Caldbeck, Jon Teo,Gary Vaynerchuk) who bring experience from watching companies of the likes of Taskrabbit, Snapchat, Twitter, and Grubhub scale.

#3 - You won't just make an impact; you'll make a giant impact

We believe this persons focus and understanding on the marketplace will decrease churn by 10-20% on a monthly basis which will take our already incredibly exciting cac/ltv to a whole new level. Not to mention the opportunity to intelligently price and manipulate the marketplace represents an opportunity to make our providers even more profitable leading to incredible defensibility.

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