Doteveryone is hiring a

Policy Lead


Doteveryone needs to understand and influence the policy world that surrounds the emerging moral and ethical questions raised by the internet - in Westminster, in Whitehall, in town halls, businesses, think tanks and communities around the country and around the world. We need to know who’s having the best and worst ideas and who’s implementing them. We need a view on thinking, policy, legislation, regulation and the law. This is a part time role (3 days per week) on a 12 month contract.

You'll be responsible for:

  • Working with our team to proactively develop creative and new ideas around the moral and ethical questions that affect everyone in the network age
  • Understanding and connecting us to the world of policy, government and think tanks.
  • Understanding the ins and outs of digital and technology policy and how it impacts society.
  • Understanding and explaining the opportunities and problems around things like blockchain technology, AI, machine learning, VRM, self-driving cars, drones, voice as interface, Government As A Platform, ‘the gig economy’ - not just as buzzwords but as properly understood technological, social and moral challenges.
  • Coming up with ideas and interventions that will help us achieve our mission - and be able to support and build on the ideas and interventions on the team.
  • Championing the public value of the internet and technology, in policy conversations, and advocating for the ways in which we can deliver our mission to make life fairer and simpler for everyone in the UK.
  • Writing regular briefing notes and sharing advice with the executive chair, trustees and employees of Doteveryone
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