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Market Launcher - Seedspace


Who we are

Seedstars is a global organization with headquarter in Switzerland and a presence in 60+ emerging markets. We are on a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Our initiatives are focused on connecting stakeholders within these ecosystems, building tech companies from scratch and investing in the top entrepreneurs.

About Seedspace

Seedspace ( is the fastest growing network of coworking and coliving spaces in emerging markets. Our current Partner hubs are spread across 4 continents, 18 countries and 22 cities - and we are growing fast.

We provide:

Coworking: Flexible, global memberships, shared or dedicated desks and private offices.

Community: Participate or organise useful events, meet and collaborate with new clients & friends, access to member benefits and a global network of mentors, investors, corporates and more.

Coliving: Short to midterm room rental for digital nomads, coworkers or travelers looking for a life & work package in a friendly and dynamic environment.


About the job

Your main job as a “market launcher” will be to travel from one geography to another and setup the operations of Seedspace in a new location. As soon as operations are running and you are confident with the team you hired and trained locally, you will move on to the next location and start the same process again.

You will be operating in a team of 3 people, with each person having a clear responsibility and expertise, in the areas of:

  • Business development and sales
  • Operations and finance
  • Growth hacking & online marketing

Before applying, please keep in mind that at this stage we are looking for more specialists (in the areas mentioned above) rather than generalists.

This role is intense as you will be on the ground 300 days a year, but it’s also very rewarding. You will create something where is nothing and you will setup the first step in building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem: having a physical presence and a strong community to build amazing projects with.  


Key responsibilities:

 (A) Scout and recruit team on the ground, test mindset and expectations

 (B) Seedspace Country Set Up

- Define roadmap and guidelines for implementing Seedspace in the new location

- Find and build a space (and a community!)

- Set up lean operation and digital presence

- Test & iterate: validate interest for the coworking/coliving space, generate traction (B2C & B2B)

- Develop local partnerships

- Establish/implement process to setup local operation

- Relay Seedstars culture and build a local team


Your profile

  • You are a strong believer in our mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through tech and entrepreneurship
  • Previous relevant experience with the job is a MUST
  • Flexibility & International exposure - This job only makes sense for someone who is passionate about traveling and excited to go somewhere completely new, often on very little notice & with a couch surfer attitude
  • Excellent organisational skills and attention to details (at the question "please describe who you are in a tweet" start your answer with the word "kiskil")
  • Strong belief in getting things done - We are nomads traveling around the world so it is important to have drive, ownership and execution. Working in remote with an international team, you have to be comfortable working alone and capable to prioritize and make things happen

Benefits and perks

  • Exposure to cultures and ecosystems from over 60 countries
  • Build your network in emerging markets of tech entrepreneurs and investors
  • Join a young, passionate, hungry and growing team of entrepreneurs & facilitators
  • Bootstrap salary (open compensation model available based on experience, location, seniority, etc...), bonus based on performance and shares package available. It's all up to you!


"My experience at Seedstars has been an unbelievable eye opener. I have learned an incredible amount on a personal and professional level in a very condensed period of time." - Seedspace global team

"My learning curve has been extremely steep. I'm continuously exposed to new perspectives and cultures: it broadens your mind hugely! If you like challenges, learning, discovery, entrepreneurship, creativity, people and you're not afraid of putting your comfort aside, jump on!" - Seedstars team member Africa


"After my very first event in Sofia, I've realised that I am in the right place at the right time. I have in front of me all the opportunities to develop myself as a professional and as a person. I can't imagine my life without traveling, the Seedstars team & meeting with unbelievable people everyday." - Seedstars team member MENA

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