Appster is hiring a

Technical Architect - Java J2EE

Gurgaon, India

Experience Required: 6+ years

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India


  1. Providing a scalable & maintainable architecture for applications.

  2. Database Design and performance monitoring.

  3. Ensuring standards and guidelines are followed across all the teams.

  4. Code Reviews

  5. Memory and performance optimisation in application.

  6. Issue fixing and debugging for burning issues.

  7. Evaluating third party libraries, components and other technologies.

  8. Helping the recruiters in hiring developers and architects

  9. Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from product management, interaction designers, and other engineers.

  10. You wil be a contributor to our client "Rapid Concept Workshops" and advise on the feasibility of client business ideas, evaluate their technical risks and viability; and you will help translate these into achievable technical solutions.


Candidate Specifications: 

  1. You must be analyticaly strong and a problem solver.

  2. Strong knowledge of Java / J2EE, OOPs & data structures.

  3. Strong Knowledge of Spring, Struts, Hibernate or other frameworks.

  4. Excellent Application Programming Interface (API) & Webservices Development Skill.

  5. Strong Database Designing Skills & SQLs are required.

  6. Good knowledge of AWS / Load Balancing / Server Setup (Apache / Nginx / HAProxy / NodeJS).

  7. Knowledge of front End Developement Frameworks & Performance  Management (Angular / Backbone / NodeJS / Sencha / Jquery etc) is an added advantage.

  8. Understand of iOS and Android is an added advantage.

  9. Good Understanding of Caching systems (Memcache, Redis Cache . Hazelcast etc).

  10. Understanding of message queues/caching systems is an added advantage.

  11. You must be passionate about building scalable and maintainable products and ensuring that clients are delighted with the software products and services they receive.
  12. You must have impeccable attention to detail.

  13. Ability to work in team environment as well as independently.

  14. Good to have written and verbal english communication skills.

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