RedMart is hiring a

Senior Front-end Engineer

Singapore, Singapore

As one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Asia, RedMart offers an unparalleled startup experience. Our culture: entrepreneurial, fiercely intelligent, team oriented, deeply creative and whatever you add to it!  We’re fanatical about improving our customer experience and providing “wow” customer service.

At RedMart, iOS Engineers, Android Engineers and frontend/backend engineers work closely together in a small team to deliver a consistent and cross-platform experience to users. They get involved in projects early to really understand the business goals and contribute to UI/UX design process. They do not stop at meeting business objectives but always improving the product to delight customers. In addition to our consumer apps, we build custom Android applications for our warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

Some things to know before you apply:

  • We have big plans to disrupt the traditional grocery retail market and become a $Billion+ company in the next few years
  • Everything we do is focused on empowering our customers
  • We work really hard
  • We have a lot of fun!
  • Try this coding challenge, and we'll look at you resume before others. Alternatively, if you wish to challenge yourself with a more difficult coding puzzle give this coding challenge a try.

At RedMart software engineers use technology to delight our customers. They innovate to make our customers’ lives better. And since RedMart does e-commerce from the online storefront all the way to home delivery, there are lots of areas to make an impact with technology. Can we improve warehouse efficiency to get the orders delivered faster? Can we reduce delivery costs so we can save our customers money? Can we make it easier for them to find the products they need and checkout?

As a Front-end Engineer you will:

  • Work as part of a small cross-functional team that has ownership of a product, an important initiative or part of the business. A startup within a startup. Your teammates will be other software engineers, a product manager, UX designers and test engineers. You’ll need to have superb communication skills and thrive in a collaborative environment and be committed to the success of the team as a whole.
  • Learn the business and get close to users and customers. Working on consumer apps? - How often do you use the website or mobile app to shop RedMart? Working on the delivery platform? - When was the last time you joined a RedMart truck on a delivery run? In addition to customer and user interaction, you will need to build close relationships with the business stakeholders for your domain.
  • Design, implement and test robust technical solutions. Write clean code that’s testable, maintainable, solves the right problem and does it well. Code you can be proud of.
  • Have the opportunity to and be expected to innovate and demonstrate your creativity. Do you have ideas on how to improve the customer shopping experience or effectively use a new technology? Can you find a way to do what others thought impossible?   


Our Tech Stack:
Backbone + ReactJs or AngularJs for web apps.
Microservices written in Java or Scala using Play Framework, and occasionally NodeJS.
MongoDB, Postgres or Cassandra for storage.
AWS infrastructure, with HAProxy, Nginx, Redis. Chef deployments.
GitHub, Travis CI and Trello for development tools.
Testing with JUnit, ScalaTest, FrisbyJS, Calabash and Selenium.
Kafka, Spark and AWS Redshift for our data infrastructure.


What do we look for in a candidate?


  • Perseverance. Building a great company that customers love is hard work. Many challenges await and we are looking for team members we can count on when things get tough.


  • Impact. We are result oriented. We value people who focus on the right things and get them done.
  • Strong coding and design ability. You write code that's clean and well structured. Your designs are pragmatic, appropriate to the the problem at hand, but can also be evolved over time. You are able to write native JavaScript, not just glue libraries together.
  • Passion for technology. Our developers are always evaluating new tools and technologies that can make us better. What has attracted your interest lately?
  • Excellent understanding of web development: HTTP, cookies, headers, caching, HTML5, CSS3, DOM. Cross browser/platform development.
  • Experience with a modern JS framework (AngularJS, ReactJs, Backbone, Ember, etc)
  • Good sense of design, UX and simplicity.
  • Use of best practices such as TDD, BDD, continuous integration, continuous deployment.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Nice to have: experience with Flux, Mocha/Jasmine, Grunt/Gulp, phantomjs, AWS, bash.


What do we offer?

  • Awesome startup experience.
  • Ownership of a product that has thousands of daily active users.
  • Interesting problems and smart coworkers.
  • Opportunity to grow your skills and learn new ones.
  • Good $$$.
  • Well stocked pantry.
  • MacBook Pro.
  • Tons of work + fun (foosball, xbox and interaction with awesome people).

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