TransferWise is hiring a

Creative Producer

London, United Kingdom


Money transfers are about as exciting as watching shoe polish dry on a banker’s shoe. Yawn.

So why is TransferWise any different?

Well, we’re fighting something much bigger here. Unfairness, greed, imaginary borders and a shady world where the bad guys won for far too long. It’s revolutionary tech that’s changing the way we move our money. Without getting ripped off.

Big names. Big numbers. Quick brag.

We’re co-founded by Skype’s first employee and backed by some of planet's most experienced innovators, including Sir Richard Branson and Andreessen Horowitz. With friends like these, it’s easy to get excited.

We’re moving over £500 million a month for over 1 million customers, and saving them over £22 million a month. Literally millions of times better than a bank.

Where we’re at

Home is Shoreditch. Surrounded by bean bags, exercise balls, super-smart pioneers and all that trendy startup jazz. There’s a ping pong table and a sauna thrown in for good measure / inexplicable weirdness.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

We need to spread the word. Wide and far. Our creative sits at the heart of this.

Your job will be to communicate the horror of hidden charges, wave the TransferWise flag, make our customers beam with pride and get us on the lips of everyone watching.

People don’t talk about money transfers in the pub. But they’ll be talking about your creative till the bankers go home.

The day to day

Working with an award-winning creative team, you’ll be diving into that weird and wonderful part of your brain that’s fired up for the bold and subversive.

You’ll embrace risk, push boundaries and get that warm fuzzy feeling when you tightrope-walk the line.

You’ll be nailing impossible-to-ignore video, epic stunts and ideas that give the ‘buzz’ team its name.

Pitching the idea of a massive fish freaking out an unsuspecting actress doesn’t unnerve you.
Firing off a creative concept that imagines 150 skeletons leading a funeral for hidden fees excites you.
Interviewing the public about Australian kids riding kangaroos to school is right up your street.

From initial concepts to fleshed out ideas, pitched with infectious enthusiasm, you’re an idea-generating machine. From directing shoots to storyboarding edits, you’re invested in the entire journey. You’ll be a creative powerhouse equipped with relentless drive and supplied with all the training needed to succeed.

This is a great role for a bright spark who wants to supercharge their creative career and experience working on a diverse range of projects, all with creativity at their heart.

What skills do I need?

Previous experience in a creative field is essential. But let’s not be too specific, raw talent is key.

Here’s your chance to prove it:

The rub

Charges hidden in unfair exchange rates cost people millions of pounds every day. Amazingly, 60% of people who send money abroad have no idea they are being secretly overcharged. Educating our audience is key.

Your task

Come up with a video idea  to communicate the problem of hidden charges. The video will be shown on Facebook. This means it has to be highly engaging, creative and entertaining. Avoid the mundane like the plague and dig deep for something unexpected. Sublime, ridiculous, jaw-dropping, take whatever angle you want, just make it stand out.

Dig around on for some inspiration.

Cool stuff if you get the job

Apart from all-expenses-paid company holidays twice a year, stock options in London’s fintech unicorn, a shiny new laptop of your choice, team lunches every Friday, table tennis and a sauna in the office, you won’t get much in the way of extras.

However, we will give you 25 days holiday a year (plus public holidays), a fun, friendly atmosphere, plenty of opportunities to grow and the chance to be part of our little revolution. Oh, and coffee, there’s plenty of coffee.

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