GitHub is hiring a

Senior Engineer - Developer Experience

San Francisco, United States

Senior Engineer - Developer Experience

GitHub is looking for a backend developer to join the developer experience team, where you would focus on building tools to help other engineers ship hundreds of times per day. You should enjoy finding patterns in a process and building tools to improve it, getting your hands dirty with both systems and UI, working collaboratively with your team, and accepting drive-by contributions with aplomb. And whether you've gotten to work with them or not, you should like the idea of ChatOps.

The developer experience team is 100% remote and the right candidate can thrive in an environment of asynchronous conversation. We expect you to have strong communication skills and be able to create working relationships with coworkers in locations around the globe.

GitHub is committed to building a diverse workforce and strongly encourages applications from people of color and other groups currently underrepresented in tech. We are looking for candidates who:

Display a strong commitment to building an inclusive tech environment.

Have demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness both in and outside of the workplace.

Can bring a new perspective based on unique educational, professional and lived experiences.

Can effectively communicate with people from disparate backgrounds.

Have experience mentoring/coaching/teaching, particularly in environments with diverse students/participants.

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