Branch is hiring a

Data Analyst & QA Engineer

Nairobi, Kenya

Branch is looking for a unique set of skills in one person.  Could this be you?
Branch Overview delivers world-class financial services to the mobile generation. The spread of smartphones presents an incredible opportunity for the world’s emerging middle class to access banking options and achieve financial flexibility. is revolutionizing banking in East Africa and in other regions across the globe.  Download Branch International app on Google Play here

Why Work with Us
You will be part of a talented, passionate team that is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of the mobile generation throughout the developing world. You will join a team with unmatched experience in financial technology and emerging markets. Since our launch in April 2015, we’ve disbursed hundreds of thousands of loans. Our success has led to investments from Silicon Valley’s leading VCs. 
Data Analyst Responsibilities
We are looking for a candidate with strong analytical skills who can work independently and generate sensible business intelligence reports from our massive amount of data. You will work closely with marketing, servicing, credit, and expansion to monitor the performance of our business and inform the strategic direction of the company.
Specific responsibilities include:
·         Generate dashboards and reports using spreadsheets, SQL, and/or statistical software packages
·         Ability to think creatively and resourcefully about gathering, organizing and communicating data
·         Receive and prioritize requests from Leads and Managers for analysis
·         Draw strategic insights and report to the company
QA Engineer Responsibilities
You will also work closely with the Branch development team in San Francisco.  Because Branch customers are in East Africa, when San Francisco sleeps, the Kenyan office works.  You will play a key role in providing a concise overview of issues that arise and provide guidance for the team to attack the problems quickly.
Specific responsibilities include: 
·         Work with the Customer Support team on an hourly basis to understand customer issues, monitor our systems and summarize them for Product and Engineering teams in San Francisco
·         Track and document bugs thoroughly in Pivotal Tracker
·         Meet daily with our San Francisco office to communicate issues and bugs
·         Lead Beta Testing efforts for new product releases and system upgrades

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