Perfect Search Media is hiring a

Digital Marketing and Data Analysis Internship - Spring

Chicago, United States

Perfect Search offers a Digital Marketing and Data Analysis Internship program focused on learning pay-per-click advertising/search engine marketing (PPC/SEM) and social media advertising, as well as search engine optimization. Many of our current employees started in this program at Perfect Search, and we pride ourselves on providing a top-notch learning experience that provides the strong foundation needed to become an expert in the industry.  

Accepted candidates (Junior Analysts) will start the program with a fairly intensive training process that will thoroughly expose them to the basics of digital marketing. Junior Analysts will assist the digital marketing teams on client campaigns, projects, reporting calls, mock calls, blog posts, and other assigned tasks that enable them to experience the ins-and-outs of the industry first hand. Junior Analysts work independently, closely with other program peers, and alongside current full-time analysts on tasks and analysis.  There is an opportunity for full-time employment at completion of program.

 This opening is for students and recent graduates who are available during the winter/spring semester/quarters for three months.  Students must be available 20 hours or two full days Monday-Thursday, and graduates must be available full-time.  


Here is what past program participants have said about Perfect Search:

"A+ Perfect Search.  Culture is amazing...Perfect Search culture is perfect."



"The Perfect Search internship gave me all the skills I needed to land my next three positions — you'll definitely learn a lot"--Chase Wilson



I learned so much from my internship at Perfect Search. You guys truly valued our work. In the end, I even got to report to a real client. That kind of experience is rare for most internships. -Helen Liang


Perfect Search Media really is the perfect place to learn and grow as a digital marketer. After a quick but informative training session, I was immediately trusted with real client tasks that allowed me to get a better understanding of not just copywriting but digital marketing as a whole. The company culture is passionate and diligent but fun-loving and inclusive -- everyone on the team made me feel welcome since day one, and I felt like I could consistently contribute and grow on a daily basis. --DJ Oh


Essential Strengths and Skills Developed in Program:

-Extensive knowledge in PPC/SEM, SEO, and social media advertising

-Proficiency within Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, and more

-Management of cross channel digital marketing campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, and more

-Ability to complete tasks crucial for successful digital marketing campaigns, including (but not limited to) conducting keyword research, meta data implementation, account keyword builds, client reports, advanced data analysis and optimizations within PPC accounts

-Communication skills, improved through mock calls, contribution in internal meetings, and potential participation in client meetings


Preferred Qualifications:

-Strong analytical and critical-thinking skills

-Problem solving ability

-Detail oriented and organized

-Highly self-motivated

-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

-Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Excel

-Strong desire to work in digital marketing

-Working toward or completion of Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, Statistics or related field


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