Feeld is hiring a

Senior Android Developer

London, United Kingdom

Feeld a space where humans (in relationship or not) can explore their sexuality away from social pressure. We've launched Feeld on Android back in August, there is still so much to do. We've reached 200,000 downloads in two months but there are plenty of problems to be solved a long side many new features, some of them super duper top secret. Feeld is a small company of 15 people distributed around the globe. We work from wherever our minds and bodies find comfortable.

  • Be involved in the whole process of developing and coming up with new feature ideas.
  • Talk to our customers to understand their pains and satisfaction. (We do have a dedicated customer happiness hero but still it's nice to experience it in first person. )
  • Appreciate good design direction as much as architecting and developing.
  • Passion for pushing organisations forward in a unconventional ways.
  • Curious of new technologies.


  • A software architect passionate about design patterns.
  • Worked with MVP, Clean or MVVM and know the benefits of each.
  • You've written your own Respositories and Factories.
  • You breath Dagger, RetroFit, Mockito and JUnit, Espresso.
  • Passion for Activity transitions and animations. Common sense for design and brand guidelines.
  • Able to inspire other Feeld team members.
  • Know your way around legacy code.

For you:

  • Freedom to create.
  • A self-managed organisation where the manager is not the limit.
  • Change society's norms.
  • Full transparency, open salary, open equity.
  • No two-faced humans.
  • No we don't impose stupid company culture. We accept people for who they are.
  • Let the world be your office space. We don't care where you work from as long as the job is done.

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