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Senior Software Engineers

New York, United States

EMPLOYER NAME: Smarter Travel Media, LLC. (A TripAdvisor subsidiary)


POSITION:  Senior Software Engineers




POSITION DESCRIPTION: Develop/maintain web services. Create and maintain platforms for photographers and editors to produce panorama imagery on hotel review website(s). Invent and develop image stitching and computer vision algorithms in order to improve hotel review website front-end panoramic walk-through experience. Develop and maintain production quality Python or C++ code. Work with other teams (including field photographers and editors) to improve image acquisition for 360 virtual tour walkthrough and hotel panorama stitching.  Responsible for panorama imagery pipeline including panorama and virtual tour walkthrough for thousands of hotels.


REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field and two years of work experience in job offered or in a computer vision or image research related role. Education or experience must include:

  1. Computer Vision: image stitching and image blending;
  2. Python or C++;
  3. OpenCV (including image processing and image stitching);
  4. Matlab;
  5. Feature Detection (feature engineering and feature learning) and Feature Pruning and Feature Matching (Flann-based, RANSAC);
  6. Classification (Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks) and Regression (Linear) and Ensemble Learning (boosted cascade); and
  7. Multi-view Geometry and research.


Job #: 10173.271


TO APPLY:     Smarter Travel Media, LLC/TripAdvisor Recruiting

                        Attn: 10173.271

                        400 1st Ave

                        Needham, MA 02494





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