MongoDB is hiring a

Curriculum Engineer

New York, United States

You will develop curriculum that will be used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and directly impact the open source movement.

You are a software engineer with a passion for education. You will help define strategy for delivering MongoDB curriculum online and contribute to our mission to be a disruptive influence in the world of education. You will create in-person curriculum delivered to customers onsite and at MongoDB public events. You will work closely with other engineers to build and maintain labs, lessons, and our online course delivery platform and to ensure MongoDB learning resources are engaging, relevant, and highly interactive. The materials and software you develop will be used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and will directly impact the open source movement.


  • Structure a series of online and in-person courses
  • Work with subject matter experts to define learning objectives and create lesson plans
  • Develop lab exercises that enable students to get their hands dirty with a rich array of topics focused on building applications based on MongoDB
  • Think critically about how to teach effectively in an online environment
  • Be a tinkerer who is constantly teaching yourself new technologies and services as they emerge
  • Continually expand your knowledge of MongoDB and databases in general
  • Be a lifelong learner and someone interested in helping students around the world learn about computing in the context of MongoDB


  • A passion for education and expertise in creating effective learning environments
  • At least two years experience working as a software engineer
  • A hacker mindset
  • Familiar with database technology
  • Excited about MongoDB's mission and core database technology
  • Eager to learn a lot about MongoDB
  • Excellent communication skills

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