Bonobos is hiring a

Senior iOS Engineer

New York, United States

Bonobos is looking for a Senior iOS Engineer to be the first iOS engineer at the company and build our customer app from scratch in Swift.

Bonobos is (proudly) the largest born-on-the-Internet men's apparel company in the US and we're (humbly) seeking to reinvent the traditional eCommerce experience. In addition to our website, we pioneered the eCommerce showroom model with the launch of our first Guideshop in 2011, and have since expanded to 27 locations across the country (and growing!). Our customers are fanatical about our high quality clothes and our world-class customer service, and we’re positioned to make groundbreaking advances in how customers shop.

Our goal is to create experiences online that lead to surprise and delight offline in our Guideshops - and vice-versa. For example, we'd love to have customers' online wishlist items ready for them when they arrive in the Guideshop, or build an app that continues the Guideshop experience when the customer leaves the store.

Our team is a scrappy group of 13 engineers who are responsible for a large business that is growing 40% year-over-year. We get to the best technical solutions by discussing complex questions as a team. We don’t hesitate to change our approach when we hear a better idea. We practice code reviews, automated testing and pair programming when needed. We deploy to production several times a day.


What you’ll do…

  • Build the first Bonobos customer app from scratch in Swift
  • Work on a cross-functional team with engineers (frontend, backend, and full-stack), a product manager and a designer
  • Partner with other engineers on the app through cross-training, mentoring and setting up the appropriate automated build and test infrastructure
  • Help us hire, train and develop additional iOS engineers as needed
  • Work closely with a product manager and a designer to prototype and user test product explorations
  • Ship new experiences to our customers via A/B tests
  • Figure out engineering solutions that give 80% of the benefit with 20% of the work
  • Help define what idiomatic Swift code looks like for us and what the right automated build and test infrastructure for iOS


  • Have at least 5+ years of iOS engineering experience
  • Have seen what works well and what doesn’t work well in iOS codebases
  • Are keen to build an app in Swift
  • Like being part of small team with designers, product managers, frontend, backend, and full stack engineers
  • Are always leaning and thinking outside of the box...wait, what box?
  • Are looking to join a team that is truly engaging, fulfilling, energetic, quirky and always passionate


  • Are a collaborative & close-knit team: our team is NYC-based and in the office because as great as technology is, there are few substitutes for in-person collaboration
  • Are a team that takes pride in our work and shares responsibility to see it through from conception to deployment to fixing bugs
  • Value self-awareness, intellectual honesty, judgment, empathy and positive energy, often, over experience
  • Work hard because we love what we're doing, but also highly value personal downtime that does not include pants (selling them, designing them, marketing them...wearing them?)
  • Provide top of the line equipment: your choice of hardware, standing desks, two 27" monitors, and more
  • Encourage random acts of team-wide fun including bar nights, book club and Camp Bonobos
  • Are excited to hear from you

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