VaynerMedia is hiring an

Operations Assistant

Who are you?

You’re a detail oriented, multitasker who handles even the most stressful situations with a smile. The busier things are, the better. Fifteen people are waiting for something and you have it all prioritized instantly without batting an eyelash. You’re helpful to the point that it’s almost annoying. Boxes need packing? On it. Guests are waiting for an appointment? No sweat. Cleaning company had to cancel? You already have a mop and sponge in your hand. That’s what it means to work on the Operations team at VaynerMedia.

The task at hand?

  • Reception: client and candidate greeting - be professional, but not stuffy. We have a really fun atmosphere and as the first person that many of our visitors meet, you should embody that.
  • New hire greeting and set up - We’re growing at a ridiculous pace. Make sure new employees feel like they’ve been here for years even though it’s their first day.
  • Scheduling - There are a lot of moving parts that keep this office running. Make sure they’re all on the same schedule.
  • Procurement - With so many people, we need a lot of things. All kinds of things actually. You’ll help get those things so that people have things.
  • All incoming and outgoing mail - Even though we are a digital agency, we occasionally need to send packages or letters. 
  • Listserv and other online account access requests
  • Car bookings and travel requests - We have people to see and places to be. You’ll help get us there.
  • Catering orders - Foooooooooooooood.
  • Culture & Events - VaynerMedia is extremely invested in culture and it's employees. Throughout the year, you'll help plan fun surprises for the office and individuals.
  • SVP Assistant - You'll help our office lead with administrative tasks and scheduling responsibilities. 

The ideal candidate has:

  • Great organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask like an octopus working a switchboard. 
  • Mac and Google Apps experience a plus
  • Eager to learn new skills
  • Attention to detail. As in, that-desk-is-2-degrees-crooked-and-I-need-to-fix-it-now-or-I-might-have-a-panic-attack.
  • Proactive approach. We like creative people and creative solutions. No idea is too crazy.
  • Occasional evening work (if needed). We know, it’s lame to work late but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done.

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