Virtually Live is hiring an

Art Intern

Seattle, United States

Who we are:

Virtually Live is a revolutionary, immersive technology to experience live sporting events in virtual reality (VR). Our patented media system takes real-time tracked statistical data and transposes it into a digital venue to create a real time digital rendering of the event. For fans who can’t attend events in person, Virtually Live allows them to not only feel like they are there, but actually immersed in the heart of the action from the comfort of their homes. Fans have unprecedented access and control over how they watch live events—they can go anywhere in the virtual stadium, view from any position, and virtually meet up with friends around the world - giving them a True VR experience.

Virtually Live is a patented technology which develops both its own content and partners with technology companies, broadcasters and sporting organizations to develop the best user experience. We work with these companies to leverage existing data and broadcast streams to harness the full power of virtual reality technology. 

Our True VR media platform allows rights holders to enhance the existing fan experience around a live event by building social communities that drive sticky customer engagement, triggering additional revenues through subscriptions, micro-payments, personalized advertising and branding. 

Virtually Live has offices in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Switzerland and Spain. 

For more information please visit or see our Angel List profile.

This is a 10 or 12 week internship position in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle, a technological and cultural hub of the pacific northwest. 

Who we need

Do your peers admire your art quality and working speed? Do you find yourself learning or mastering multiple new techniques every week? Are you eager to make an impact on a product that people will love? We need an art intern on our crack team of entertainment art industry veterans to help create compelling real-time sports experiences in VR. This position can only be filled by a hungry and agile artist looking to spread their wings professionally in an internship.

Job Responsibilities

  • Utilize 3D modeling software to create realistic 3D geometry and UVs for realistic assets

  • Create textures, high resolution sculpts, bakes, and LODs for 3D assets

  • Collaborate with design, QA, production and engineering co-workers to create prototypes in VR

  • Capture footage and build marketing / UI art for the products

Job Requirements

  • A portfolio of high-quality video-game or sports-relevant artwork, including:

    • Finished work completed in a photo-realistic style

    • Art that has been fully integrated into a real-time 3D game engine
    • Work that demonstrates a strong bed of general art fundamentals
  • Experience working with Unity3D, Unreal or similar game engines in personal or small team projects

  • Passionate about technical and creative challenges of realism and VR experiences together

Ideal candidates will have

  • The ability to identify, anticipate risks, and engage in creative problem solving

  • Experience with virtual reality platforms

  • Passion and enthusiasm for Virtual Reality and Sports

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