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Product Marketing Manager

San Francisco, United States
Mattermark is looking for a Product Marketing Manager, based in San Francisco. Your role will be to help Mattermark position and market its core product and platform. This role will develop product messaging, lead product launches, and activate our brand across multiple marketing channels.


  • Develop product positioning that differentiates Mattermark products and features by understanding customer needs, product roadmap, market trends, and competitive forces
  • Create messaging that fits the audience mindset/needs within that experience (e.g. website, in-product messaging, on-boarding, blog, emails, field, etc.) and maximizes the strengths of each channel or communication experience
  • Plan and execute product/feature launches across cross-functional teams (spanning Product, Marketing, Support, Service, Sales) and related sales enablement
  • Design integrated marketing plans across owned, paid, and earned media channels - driven by a rationale for why, when, and how each channel should be used
  • Work with Product Management to establish a continuous feedback loop (encompassing market trends, customer needs, and competitive factors) to influence the product development roadmap and create mitigation for product gaps
  • Collaborate with Sales to understand & support ongoing enablement, but maximize impact of messaging for the audience looking to discover via web, trial and self-serve purchase


  • Minimum 3 years of software product marketing experience, ideally including pre-product/market fit products
  • Enthusiasm and empathy for genuinely improving how sales and marketing teams target their ideal customers through account-based efforts
  • Articulate and very skilled at telling a written or visual story in a simple straightforward way
  • Can quickly synthesize disparate data into a position and craft messaging that connects with both internal stakeholders and customers
  • Decisive, Agile, and Iterative; easily able to shift gears between thinking and doing.
  • Has demonstrated an ability to dive into a product and become a champion
  • Can effectively balance quantitative evidence and qualitative factors to quickly test and learn (avoiding analysis paralysis)
  • Can start multiple initiatives at the same time and energetically pursue them to show continued iterative progress


Mattermark provides a suite of target customer research tools to enable account-based sales and marketing. With more than 500 customer accounts, Mattermark is used by leading dealmakers in enterprise sales, business development, corporate development, and venture capital to build richer and more targeted business relationships.

We are changing the way business people approach making decisions about where to invest their time, and the data-driven workflows Mattermark enables support the efficient flow of billions of dollars of capital and billions of hours of knowledge workers time, every year.

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Individuals seeking employment at Mattermark are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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