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WANTED: Team Builder/Senior Recruiter

San Francisco, United States

To the team builders,

With our acquisition of Kit in April of this year, we now have a presence in San Francisco. 33 New Montgomery Street is our first US office, bringing our location count to five including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Waterloo. We are a Canadian-born company but let's take a sec to boast about our accomplishments in a very un-Canadian way:

-Fastest-growing tech company on the NYSE. IPO’d on May 20 2015 at $17 per share
-Completed an additional offering of Class A Subordinate Voting shares with proceeds of $234 million on August 22 2016 at $38.25 per share
-$20 billion total sales on Shopify 
-Over 300 000 merchants in 150 countries
-In 2012 we had 110 employees and today we have over 1600

About Kit
Kit was one of 1500 apps in our app ecosystem when we decided to join forces. Since April, the number of merchants that have “hired” Kit to help their business market their products and get sales has more than doubled. For entrepreneurs, the barrier of entry to do their own online marketing is very low. What people don’t realize is that the consequence of bad marketing is ultimately losing their business. This is where we come in. The virtual employees we have built are now on the payroll at unimaginable rates (from $10/month or free until the merchant gets their first two sales) and we are just getting started. Kit helps drive sales on Shopify stores by doing everything from creating highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns, to sending personal thank you emails to customers, to marketing your store on Instagram with photo or video ads. Companies come along every ten years or so that make us forget what it was like to have ever lived without them. Kit is one of those companies.

For Kit (and Shopify) to grow and achieve its full potential we will need to hire more real employees to develop and create an army of virtual employees for our merchants. We think a bit differently about recruiting at Shopify.  Our 44 person team across all offices (this will be our first hire in SF) is trusted by the business to determine “Fit” through conversations with candidates and we rely on pattern recognition to determine who will do really well at Shopify. This is not a typical recruiting role. In some companies recruiting is checking boxes on required skills, asking canned questions (“tell me a time when you were challenged”), looking for the “right” answers, and scheduling for hiring managers. Here, recruiters make real decisions to build out the Shopify team and it’s an insanely fun and rewarding job.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please apply below before the end of the day on November 13th as we will be sitting down on Monday November 14th to read the applications. If you could also add a link to the funniest thing you have seen on the internet recently. I would like to get back to adding to 

Doug Tetzner

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