Pivotal Software is hiring an

Associate Director of Engineering (Boston)

Boston, United States

Pivotal Labs is a recognized leader in modern software development practices. We work with many of the world’s most influential companies, helping them not only build great software, but fundamentally create a culture of innovation. We also developed Pivotal Tracker, the project management and collaboration tool used by thousands of agile teams worldwide. Our approach is informed by over 20 years of experience and continuous improvement, and blends agile/XP, lean startup and user-centered design.

We’re looking for an Associate Director for our Boston office. The Associate Director (AD) has four primary contributions to make to Pivotal Labs:

  • Act as Client Liaison on selected projects or clients.  In this role, the AD is responsible for [a] shipping software consistent with Pivotal quality which will also drive customer satisfaction, [b] taking responsibility for realization of financial results for Pivotal from the project are the same as had been anticipated at project start.
    • Ensure project success and client satisfaction
    • Set up clients and teams so that they can operate with a high degree of autonomy and self-organization
    • Collaborate with client to create and manage client expectations
    • Define needed updates on project activities and lead meetings to discuss
    • Play an active role in managing team and project health
    • Train, mentor, and develop pivots on a constant, ongoing basis to improve their performance and morale
    • Work closely with Pivotal account teams to contribute to and execute on customer Engagement Plans
    • Keep relevant client and Pivotal stakeholders updated on current status

  • Contribute to selling activities on behalf of Pivotal Labs, and other products and services offered by Pivotal Software.
    • Represent Pivotal Labs by supporting sales activities, conducting tours and executive briefings, leading scopings and helping with follow up
    • Work closely with account teams to determine best use of Labs services for key clients
    • Collaborate with account teams and sales operations to create and negotiate proposals and SOWs
    • Actively recruit and own relationships with Startup leads and “non-named” accounts
    • Keep relevant CRM systems updated (Salesforce, etc.)
    • Coordinate with the larger Account Teams to coordinate selling motions and present a unified voice for Pivotal to clients.
  • Monitoring and improving the recruitment, training, development, and retention of pivots.
  • Enhancing Labs’ practices and knowledge (methods, ways of working, offering development, training methods) by working with members of the Labs Practices Council to help identify new ideas and methods from client work

Additional Contributions

Beyond the Primary Contributions, ADs are also expected to contribute to Labs’ and Pivotal Software’s success in other ways. 

  • Maximize personal contributions to Labs revenue and cost management through billable client work
    • Work with others in Sales and office leadership to develop SOWs with appropriate revenue for AD-provided contributions to Labs work and client success
    • Manage teams and record keeping so that Labs’ legitimately earned revenue is properly recorded and invoiced
    • For teams supervised, manage leakage and other detriments to Labs’ revenue
    • Manage costs (where applicable, such as travel costs or travel time) so that Labs’ financial performance is maintained appropriately

  • Consistently driving pivot learning and development through on-the-job training methods.  This will generally necessitate that the AD will maintain high intimacy with pivots assigned to his/her team(s).
    • Set up projects for success, starting with review and knowledge of SOW, and/or other formal project contracting documents
    • Understand strengths and weaknesses of team members and discuss those with the Anchor
    • Be accessible and approachable for team members, and help them (generally before the fact) with technical development, as well as softer skills related to success for the project and Labs in general.
    • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with several pivots (inclusive of managers) based on mutual preference, that persist beyond the project.

  • Maintain knowledge of Pivotal’s primary product offerings, and their value propositions
    • Be prepared to articulate value propositions to pivots and clients
    • Support Sales, as needed/appropriate in selling situations which may or may not include Labs, but could result in significant revenue for Pivotal Software

  • Support other leadership in the office and Labs-wide in driving towards Labs’ financial goals and company values.
    • Support Pivotal Software product strategy
    • Set an appropriate example for other staff in the office to follow
      • Appropriate personal and business maturity
      • Recognizing need to deliver and maintain high levels of client service and satisfaction
      • Actively support company methods and policies
        • Client-delivery oriented
        • Pivotal-success oriented

Minimum qualifications:

  • 2+ years in a management/leadership role focused on one of our core practice areas (Product Design, Product Management or Software Development)
  • 5+ years consulting experience, working with large enterprise organizations
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent facilitation skills
  • Ability to break down complex problems into actionable steps


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