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Digital Marketing Analyst

Chennai, India
Digital Marketing Analyst

Marketing Profile in Chennai


Digital Marketing is an integral part of Freshdesk's marketing strategy. The growth of Freshdesk as a company rests majorly on the ability of our digital marketing team to build interests in our products among potential customers. Given the tough market that exists in the SaaS business, digital marketing can have a huge impact of the top line of our company.

Roles & Responsibilities:

As a digital marketer, your primary objective would be to facilitate the sales team through demand/ lead generation. Your contribution will involve managing AdWords & other paid channels, collaborating with market influencers, building & testing ad copy, making landing page optimisations, sketching out the leads plan for future campaigns and most importantly crunching tons of data. Your work will have a fair amount of market research to understand and craft strategies to beat competition.

* Perform data analysis around web traffic and other related metrics
* Monitor metrics, and set up mechanisms to measure multiple campaigns across many online channels
* Draw relevant conclusions from campaign data and identify potential opportunities for improvement
* Communicate with team members on campaign developments, timelines, and results
* Set Targets & build strategies to help achieve them

Qualification & Requirements :

* Background in business, marketing, finance, economics, or mathematics
* Understanding of digital paid media strategies (PPC, Social, Display)
* Understanding of analytics tools and the ability to set up tracking/reporting mechanisms to gather important metrics
* Measuring solutions backed with numbers should be a part of your DNA
* Excellent critical thinking skills - gauge the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions and approaches
* Excellent judgment and decision making skills - effectively weigh the relative cost/benefit of actions
* Should have the persistence to drill-down into problems until a solution is found.
* Active listener – ability to process and understand needs & goals communicated by associates, and ask relevant questions
* Excellent communicator - be able to explain complicated information effectively and precisely
* Excel skills – familiarity with pivot tables and VLOOKUP is a huge bonus
* B2B marketing or tech marketing experience is a bonus

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