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Data Associate

New Delhi, India
At SocialCops, we exist to use data to drive better decision making. Unlike other data positions, where the impact of your work is confined to the outcome of an individual report or policy brief, the SocialCops platform is deployed to create dynamic and real-time decision-making systems to solve complex real-world problems. Read more about our platform here: What We Do At SocialCops

A Data Associate at SocialCops will be responsible for identifying socioeconomic data sources, and cleaning, compiling, and updating both primary and secondary data sets under the mentorship of our data scientists and economists. One of the biggest challenges with data sets in the developing world is the lack of good quality metadata. As a Data Associate, you will play a key role in converting messy public data to clean and structured data by creating quality metadata files and creating a framework for sharing data worldwide. This data will then be added to our secondary data product, Access. You will also carry out basic validations and data analysis to verify the authenticity of data.

Our data intelligence platform is used by decision makers to make critical decisions. However, garbage in, garbage out! As a Data Associate, you will play a critical role in ensuring that the sanity and quality of decisions made on our platform. With great power comes great responsibility :) 


  • Data sourcing: Identify primary sources of socioeconomic datasets in India, such as Population Census, Agriculture Census, SECC, National Sample Survey, CSO, RBI, Lok Sabha, DISE, AHS, DLHS, NFHS, etc. Over a period of time, you will be responsible for reviewing various open data portals globally as well.
  • Understand complexities in data reporting: Gather information on division of administrative structures and their impact on data structures and reporting. The developing world is complex and data reported from various agencies come with a variety of cleaning challenges due to complex administrative boundaries. For more information, read about this blog post written by our team on the complex district boundaries of India.
  • Data cleaning: Extract, clean, and compile data sets in specific formats in line with our data cleaning and quality protocols.
  • Metadata preparation: One of the biggest challenges with data sets in the developing world is the lack of good quality metadata that can enable that data to be used. As a Data Associate, you will play a key role in converting messy public data to clean and structured open data for inclusion in our secondary data product, Access.
  • Survey instrument creation: You will support the team in preparing survey instruments such as designing questionnaires, translation, transliteration, and piloting the questionnaires.
  • Data quality checks: You will test the data quality of primary data collected using our mobile-based data collection product, Collect and ensure its creditability by validating it with reliable secondary data sources.
  • Data visualization: Help build customized dashboards for our partners using SocialCops' internal tools.
  • Share your learnings: Contribute to analysis, research briefs, blog posts and ebooks created by SocialCops.
  • Take up any challenge: In a small team, you will work closely with various stakeholders and lend your hand wherever it is necessary to get stuff done!


  • Bachelor's degree in economics, statistics or any other related quantitative discipline.
  • Strong understating of the socio-economic and political landscape of India is desired.
  • Good working knowledge of MS Excel is a necessity.
  • Knowledge of any data processing tool such as STATA/R is preferred.
  • Ability to deal with unstructured and changing environments.
  • Ability to work independently.


  • Get onboarded! Understand SocialCops' work, our platform, our data, our projects, our team, and our culture!
  • Learn how the data team at SocialCops operates and get onboarded to our data quality protocols.
  • Get to know the structure of the data warehouse at SocialCops.
  • Get your hands dirty and started with your first independent projects!
  • Source at least one major public data source and use our data transformation protocol to implement our data structuring process and catalogue your first data set.


  • Source more public data sets and extensively master our data transformation protocols and processes.
  • Learn or improve your skills at using least one data processing tool (R, STATA, etc).
  • Gain a through understanding of the nomenclature for all the data sets in our secondary data product, Access.
  • Start learning how to build live customized dashboards and build your first dashboard using SocialCops' internal tools in collaboration with other teams.
  • Become an active part of all our ongoing projects.


  • Become an expert on the socio-economic and political data sets of India.
  • Become a master of at least one data processing tool.
  • Start taking charge of building processes and protocols that can reduce data quality issues.
  • Mentor new Data Associates and start getting involved in growing your team.
  • Explore areas of interest in a particular domains, such as demography or agriculture, and build yourself up as a subject matter expert in that field.
  • Start carrying out data analysis under mentorship from our Economists and Data Scientists.
  • Show your skills and grow by getting involved in different activities across the organization.


SocialCops is a data intelligence company that empowers leaders in the United Nations, Gates Foundation, Unilever and 150+ other organizations. We have been recognized on the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 list, a Fortune India magazine cover, and as one of India's top 10 emerging startups. Our platform is currently being used in 17 countries around the world.

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