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Capacity Building Lead

New Delhi, India
At SocialCops, we are operating at the intersection of technology and data to bring data-driven decision-making to organizations ranging from the Government of India and United Nations to India's largest advertising agency.

At our core, we are a partner-driven company. Our partners inspire us to iterate, implement feedback, and drive forward. As the Capacity Building Lead, you will be responsible for on-boarding our partners on our data intelligence platform, building capacities of all key stakeholders to use our platform independently, empowering data-driven decisions, troubleshooting any issues or bottlenecks that arise in the deployment, gathering periodic feedback about our platform and services, and generally being their go-to person for any queries or concerns that our partners might have.

We believe the road towards our vision is dodgy and the journey is fun only with highly engaged partners. Do you have the patience to listen intently to different kinds of people? Do you have the ability to turn every stone thrown at you into valuable feedback? Do you have the know-how to find effective solutions to the problems that arise? If you think you can be a rock-solid bridge between the team and our partners, allowing easy flow and transfer of knowledge and helping to find solutions to existing problems, then look no further – here is your perfect role.


  • Partner on-boarding: As the Capacity Building Lead, you will be responsible for introducing and setting up our partners on our decision-making platform, apprising them of how the platform and deployment process works, and highlighting the key features of our platform.
  • Data-driven decision-making: You will be responsible for ensuring that the platform aids partners in the decisions they are looking to drive using data and technology. Your success will be based on your ability to understand our platform and its capabilities, as well as the partners' context and problem statement really well.
  • Training and capacity building: You will be responsible for training partners on everything they need to know about the platform. Your in-depth knowledge of our platform will be instrumental in understanding the partners' pain points and building tools (internal or user-facing) to make future support easier.
  • Troubleshooting and support: You will be responsible for troubleshooting issues faced by our partners in the course of the deployment, answering any queries they might have, and supporting them through the challenges that might come their way during implementation. Further, you will build processes to make support smoother throughout the duration the partnership.
  • Gathering feedback: Your constant interaction with the partners will put you in the prime spot to help the engineers, designers, and product teams build a better product. You will understand how the users interact with the product, gather regular feedback from partners, and find ways to help build a smoother experience.
  • Internal team management: You will be responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring people work well together, adhere to timelines, contribute effectively to the solution, and deliver high quality solutions.
  • Effective communication: Your role requires communicating effectively with all stakeholders involved in the deployment, both externally and internally. Strong communication skills (verbal and written) will be crucial in ensuring work happens seamlessly.
  • Delivery of the best solution: You will be responsible for ensuring that the team delivers the best solution to the partner. To ensure this, you will need to engage with the various stakeholders involved, and have a deep understanding of the problem statement, project context, and impact of the devised solutions.


  • Our clients and users include a variety of organizations – including non-profit managers, government officials, and field functionaries. Your role is multi-dimensional and every conversation is completely new.
  • Response time is critical to us to ensure that our partner knows that we're on top of the problem. Being vigilant to new requests/conversations is absolutely critical.
  • You are the interface between the Engineering Team and our partners. This requires working with limited engineering resources to ensure that our partners are always happy.
  • You could be training illiterate auditors from an NGO in rural Maharashtra one day, on-boarding government officials the next day, building on critical UI/UX feedback for the rest of the week, and developing internal tools to solve a critical bug the next week. You better be used to multitasking!


  • Thoroughly understand our partners, their needs, and how our platform adds differentiated value.
  • Become adept at using our products and understanding the nuances of the platform.
  • Understand our current accounts and problems that need attention.
  • Start on-boarding, training, and setting up new users on our platform.
  • Drive your own partners through a full cycle, from set up to active use.


  • Own your numbers – hit your goals on active users, on-boarding, and training metrics.
  • Put on your investigative hat and pick up the phone to understand why users are inactive and what we can do about it.
  • Venture on-field to understand how different partners are using our products, then help grow the product in the right direction accordingly.
  • Create a partner happiness plan for all your active accounts.
  • Build tools to help solve major pain points. 


  • Identify key areas of focus regarding retention, and create metrics or other ways to flag at-risk accounts.
  • Create a proactive retention plan and work with your team to implement it.
  • Re-evaluate our current practices. What’s working? What’s not? Where are we slow? How can we improve? Are our partners happy? You will drive process change and implementation.
  • Step up as a leader to the new team members.

We're not hiring employees. Solving the world's biggest problems doesn't need employees. Come join us in changing the way the world makes decisions :)

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