Twitch is hiring a

Curse Application Security Engineer

Irvine, United States

Twitch is looking for a focused Application Security Engineer with a desire to play on the Blue Team, supporting the Curse business unit in Irvine, CA.  Maybe you’re a pentester who is bored of always winning; maybe you’re the local security champion within your development organization.  However you got to where you are, we want one thing from you - help make Curse’s products as safe as they can be for our partners and viewers.

In this role, you will be escorting Curse’s products and features from ideation to deployment.  You will be providing consulting to product teams looking to try new things safely.  You will be reviewing critical passages of code for adherence to standards and safe practices.  Most importantly, you will be helping to build and automate the tools that do the above for you as a force multiplier.  And yes, where warranted, there’s some pentesting in it for you as well.  You know, if you’re into that.

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