WorldCover is hiring a

Regional Coordinator, Northern Region

Tamale, Ghana

WorldCover sells crop insurance to farmers in the developing world, starting with Ghana. We use remote sensing and data science to create a simple and affordable insurance product to protect farmers from drought. Our insurance policies are funded by investors through a marketplace model so we don’t directly take risk for payouts. We are a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in New York City, backed by global venture capital investors and Y Combinator. Our mission is to help families and small businesses manage risk from natural disasters so they can invest profitably and build a better future. We have significant traction in Ghana and are looking to grow there and additional markets in the next year.

An exceptional professional to grow and coordinate WorldCover's field team in Northern Region.

Tamale, Ghana, with significant travel throughout Northern Region.

2 year commitment to WorldCover. Full-time job.

WorldCover is seeking a talented Regional Coordinator to lead our growth in the Northern Region (NR). (We operate in several regions). You will be accountable for all WorldCover goals and objectives for NR, including registered and paid customer targets, budgets, and cost / efficiency metrics.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Hiring and organizing supporting staff (both salaried and contract workers) to aid in the achievement of company goals in NR
  • Prioritizing, planning, and managing activities of support staff in NR
  • Creating new, improving existing, and executing all processes required for achieving goals in NR, including sales, marketing, customer service.
  • Verifying, controlling, and assuring high quality work product for all staff in NR
  • Communicating frequently and clearly with WorldCover management (based locally and internationally) and central operations in Tamale. Prioritize problems to be solve and productively working toward solutions in order to minimize management time required.
  • Collecting and organizing data from customers and field activities
  • Becoming an expert on the WorldCover product
  • Field visits to directly market, sell, and service the product; as well as to conduct experiments, surveys, and research projects; and to solve challenges that you, the staff, or our customers may have.
  • Entrepreneurial: you require minimal direct supervision and management. With a small amount of guidance and a general mandate from management, you are able to generate and pursue new ideas quickly and efficiently.
  • Creative and resourceful: when faced with a problem, you are able to generate a long list of potential solutions, many of which are not obvious to others, or which have never been tried before. You think “outside the box” and can build up solutions from “first principles” rather than matching solutions to existing patterns that work in other contexts.
  • Leadership: you lead by example and motivate others around you. You set clear and concise goals, have a thorough understanding of everyone's strengths and weaknesses, and know which levers to pull to achieve the results you desire for you and your team.
  • Well organized: you create plans and execute them. You keep a task list and follow through. You organize your notes and files for easy access. You can manage and track complex processes and teams. You minimize errors.
  • Comfortable with data: you are comfortable working with rapidly changing data and utilizing feedback to make conclusions about the results of experiments.
  • Humble: you seek help without hesitation when you need it and are aware of the limits of your own knowledge. You like to gather insights and advice from a variety of sources and can utilize disparate opinions in order to come to decisive and effective action.
  • Language: your written and verbal English communication is clear, professional, and error-free. You speak some or many of the local languages of Northern Region, e.g. Dagbani.
  • Technology: you are extremely comfortable with Slack, WhatsApp, Google Docs, and email. You are responsive and able to communicate frequently with a global team. You are extremely proficient at spreadsheet tools (Excel, Google Sheets). A plus if you have experience with programmatic data analysis tools like R, SAS, Stata, or Python.
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