LendInvest is hiring a

Lead Frontend Engineer

London, United Kingdom

As our Frontend Lead you will be responsible for the team that creates the online experiences that our customers use to achieve their property goals. Our Frontend Engineers deliver some of the most important first impressions for our business, as well as scaling the team for the future.

People have long looked to the property market for good returns secured against bricks and mortar. This is at the heart of what we do. We give property entrepreneurs fast access to tailored property finance to buy, build and renovate. And we give investors access to the strong asset-backed returns property loans can offer.

What matters to us most is understanding and solving our customers' needs. So you can expect a fast pace and varied challenges tackled in a collaborative atmosphere. Our team thrives in a friendly, relaxed and open culture, which allows people to share ideas across the business. We all pitch in to find solutions, working together and creating environment that makes our employees happy coming to work.

Some of our challenges include:

  • Building a single page app that involves lots of business logic on the client.
  • Writing modular, well tested JavaScript that remains easy to maintain as the codebase and business scales
  • Keeping apace with the JavaScript ecosystem. Should we be using sagas? Is MobX something we should be thinking about?
  • Writing sane, lean CSS that works cross browser. If you have an opinion on whether we should be using Bem vs CSS nodules, we'd love to hear it.
  • Keeping the size of our assets small, we ship daily, and our customers are mobile, so we can't rely on them having 4G. We always need to be thinking about how should we split out bundles to optimise for caching.
  • Here are the skills that the people we’re looking for have:

  • Strong Leadership Qualities - You will be a strong leader with plenty of experience of getting the most out of engineering teams, encouraging senior members to meet their potential whilst mentoring more junior members of the team to develop their skills.
  • Web technologies - You’ve tried or worked with the latest technologies and are excited by the fact there is always something coming next. We’re using React with Redux for our new projects and want you to seek out ways of making our websites faster and better in collaboration with our backend platform crews.
  • Commitment - Your goal is to deliver experiences that you and your crew are proud to release to our clients and staff. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, if the crew decide something needs to change, you’ll jump in and help ensure your crew delivers the best customer experience possible.
  • Get things done - You know how to deliver and take responsibility for the code you deliver, making sure you never assume that someone else will test what you’ve written. You’re not afraid to make calculated mistakes if you know what you’re doing is in the best interest of the company and what we can achieve.
  • Design feeling - You know how to contribute to the design process and are interested in the ways that your work can contribute to our goal of improving the property borrowing and investment experience.
  • What you’ll get in return:

  • Always be learning - We won’t ever expect you to do the same thing over and over. We want to give you new opportunities to become the best engineer you can be.
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