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Simulation Engineer

Mountain View, United States

Are you excited about shaping the self-driving car revolution and beyond? Our goal is to improve people's lives by transforming mobility in a cost effective way that can impact everyone, not just those buying automobiles at the very high end of the market. In this position, you will be part of the team working towards our vision of autonomous vehicles. Use your passion and entrepreneurial spirit to work on a small collaborative team that is using cutting edge systems in the automotive industry.  

As a Simulation Engineer, you will build simulators for our autonomous driving system. This includes software for vehicle, sensor, and environmental simulation. This software will integrate with real recorded data, to predict how the vehicle will behave in scenarios and gauge real-world performance. You will work on developing simulation tools and framework in areas related to 3D graphics rendering, physics simulations, vehicle dynamics modeling, and multi-agent systems.


  • Implement simulation frameworks that recreate dynamic environments based on both recorded and synthetic data
  • Build planning logics for various dynamic agents
  • Develop automated regression frameworks for autonomous systems
  • Build scalable frameworks to run massive amounts of simulations in a cluster environment


  • MS or PhD in computer science, engineering, math, physics, or related field
  • 3+ years experience in writing simulations, 3D games, or automotive simulators
  • Excellent C++ or Python software development skills on Linux platforms
  • Familiarity with state of the art 3D simulation framework/packages


  • Extensive experience developing 3D framework
  • Strong 3D Graphics and mathematics background
  • Expertise in general AI, robotics, automotive, or detailed physics simulation process



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