91springboard is hiring an

Operations Manager - Bangalore

Bengaluru, India

About the Position

This is a unique opportunity for someone who has always dreamed of running and managing
their own startup. This role will expose you to all facets of entrepreneurship managing
customers, coordinating sales and marketing efforts, managing budgets, and hiring and training
your team. If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but haven't got that killer idea, this
might be your opportunity to become one at our expense!

The Operations Manager is a talented individual who has the drive and ability to structure
processes, monitor results and help 91springboard’s members grow their businesses. This will be
a true testing ground for your project management and operational abilities. He/She is the owner
of an entire hub and is responsible for the overall operations and the development of the startup
community within a hub.

The Operations Manager sits on the top of the managerial hierarchy of a hub and has the
capability to manage the on ground team as well as build relationships with coworkers
and members.He/She drives leadership and is the decision maker who understands the value 91springboard is looking to instill in and impart to the entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the startup

Overall Responsibilities

  • Articulate a vision rooted in the local context and set clear goals that will serve as milestones of progress.
  • Work closely with the central support teams to create the best coworking space in thecity.
  • Manage the monthly Hub MIS and coordinate with the central team to create and deploy new processes.
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with local startup ecosystem partners, evangelists and event organizers.
  • Ensuring all stakeholders are present in and frequent the space. Stakeholders such as investors, mentors, startups, freelancers/professionals, NGOs /social startups across services and sector types.
  • Lead marketing activities of the hub and represent 91springboard in various startup events, both internally and externally.
  • Manage the coworking space including consumables supply, facility cleanliness, equipment maintenance etc.
  • Manage invoicing, billing and ensuring payment from members. Coordinating with the accounts department. Managing security, housekeeping and other administrative staff.

Skills Required

  • An intelligent person ready to take complete ownership.
  • Passion towards 91springboard’s goal of enabling and developing the startup ecosystem.
  • Strategic and critical thinking skills that allow you to conceptualize multiple approaches to solving a problem and draw out a clear road map with various responsibilities.
  • Effective communication skills with a flair for both written and verbal communication.
  • People management skills so as to manage diverse teams to get desired outcomes.
  • Ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial in the face of uncertainty.
  • A long term commitment towards building this ecosystem.
  • Attention to detail and the vision to understand how hub’s can function smoothly.
  • Since this is a pure customer centric role, experience in the customer service industry is a plus.

Experience: 5+ years (Startup experience is a plus

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