Showpad is hiring a

Marketing Intern - Event Guru

Gent, Belgium

About Showpad

We believe in the power of content to move people and inspire them – to start conversations and win them over. Content can only live up to its potential if it can be easily found, shared, and used in the right place, at the right time, with the right audience. Showpad activates content for sales and marketing teams of over 850 companies around the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Fujifilm, Intel, and Kimberly-Clark. We won’t stop until every company has the opportunity to accelerate their business and elevate their brand through effective content.


About the position

 Do we need somebody to do our laundry, get our coffee (2 sugars, no milk)...? No. Because we need YOU! 
An internship in our team will means hard work and responsibility. Getting your hands dirty so that you can learn as much as possible. We’re looking for someone smart and hands-on, who’s really passionate about marketing and wants to learn. Fast.



  • Organize events from A to Z (Booth at tradeshow, partner events, ad hoc events, …) 
  • Be point of contact for the third party 
  • Organize logistics 
  • Manage event material and goodies 
  • Social posts around this event 
  • Internal event briefings 
  • ...


Key responsibilities

  • Are you the crazy one in your group of friends / school / fraternity who organizes everything? Travel, parties etc?
  • Can you just not help creating ‘little' to do lists in excel and planning everything in advance?
  • Are there absolutely no limits to your creativity, and are you just that tiny bit crazy?
  • Are you a super open-minded, happy, hands-on, the world is my back pocket type of person?


Skills and Qualifications we are looking for 

At the minimum 

  • Excellent proficiency in English 
  • Working level Dutch 
  • French, German, English native or bilingual would be huge pro 
  • Fast Learner 
  • Open minded 
  • Creative 
  • Team spirit 
  • Hands-on


What you can expect from Showpad

On the outside, we’re redefining how sales and marketing use content; on the inside, we’re redefining the workplace. Showpad is a global company where personalities and cultures across oceans collide to create something extraordinary.
In the morning we’re drinking San Francisco Blue Bottle coffee with Portland doughnuts; in the evening – Belgian tripel Westmalle and English scones.

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