Airtime is hiring a

Devops Engineer

New York, United States


Responsible for “DevOps” at a fast-growing startup in NYC.  Combination sys-admin/SRE/operations.  You’ll work very closely with the backend and client teams- responsibilities change as the company scales, so huge potential for learning and growth opportunities, and building out a team.

We feel very strongly at Airtime that routine tasks should be automated, deployments should be easy, and infrastructure should be fault-tolerant.  This means we use TDD, continuous integration/deployment, and systems are self-healing (i.e., if a host goes down, it’s replaced automatically).  

At a high level, you should be interested in solving problems like “how could we replace this instance faster?”, “how could we build a system that can handle a 500x spike in RPM?”, “how can I make this Docker image smaller, so I can speed builds up 15%?”.


  • Participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation
  • Maintain and improve existing infrastructure (build out autoscaling, support new services)
  • Troubleshoot and address infrastructure issues
  • Automate recurring tasks (for example, syncing data from the production Mongo cluster to a reporting server)
  • Maintain and improve existing build and deployment processes across all teams (Android, iOS, backend)
  • Enforce best practices for security and reliability across the organization

Must haves:

  • Expert level AWS knowledge.  Familiarity with both the console and the CLI is a plus.
  • General familiarity with monitoring/troubleshooting.  Most importantly the ability to address an issue, and trace it back to a root cause.
  • General familiarity with networking and security
  • General familiarity with microservices/container architecture
  • *nix familiarity:  company works off OSX, servers are Ubuntu + Amazon linux
  • Basic scripting knowledge (bash preferred)
  • Self directed learner and worker

Tools we use:

  • AWS (VPC, Route53, EC2/ELB/ASG, Redshift, ECS, Elasticache, SNS/SQS, DynamoDB, ECR, Lambda, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, RDS)
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
  • CircleCI and Jenkins
  • Git
  • New Relic and Sumologic
  • PagerDuty
  • Ansible
  • Vagrant
  • Node.js
  • Redis
  • Nginx
  • Supervisor
  • Fastlane


Social media has been great at keeping us in touch with everyone, but are we truly together? We believe that there’s a new movement in connectedness coming. A new social system in the digital world that can actually help us feel closer to those who matter most in our lives. Where real friends can share real moments in real time. This is an opportunity at a global scale, and one that is the next logical step in the way we communicate, share, talk, and spend time together online.

That’s why we are pioneering a new social experience, designed for togetherness. It’s an intimate space for people to share conversations and content in real time. A place for us to truly be together. This is Airtime.

Our company was founded a few years ago by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning and is backed by Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Founders Fund, and a host of other amazing partners.

Airtime is built on some amazing new technology crafted by a world-class team of brainiacs in Palo Alto and New York City. We're well-funded, running at full sprint, and looking for extraordinary people to join us on this exciting adventure!

Are you in?


Sean Parker, Founder & Executive Chairman
Daniel Klaus, President
Thomas Purnell-Fisher, Chief Product Officer 
Prakash Ramakrishna, Vice President of Engineering, Airtime West
Jesse Rabek, Vice President of Engineering, Airtime East


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