Memrise is hiring a

Native British English Speaker

At Memrise, we have a fantastic team of people working on a learning app used by over 10 million people worldwide that makes learning joyful and effortless, leveraging lots of brain science and plenty of humour in the process.

We are currently looking for a freelance native British English proof-reader who is excited to join us in our company mission of making learning joyful. The successful candidate can expect to be working in three main areas:

This is a part-time role of about 10 hours a week at £15/hour.

  • have an interest in getting to know the Memrise App if you are not already a user
  • exhibit common sense
  • can execute and ensure impeccable accuracy in written English
  • have a keen eye for detail and quality
  • have a systematic approach to any given task
  • exhibit excellent time management and prioritisation skills
  • know how to voice constructive criticism in a beneficial way
  • have experience with language teaching and/or language learning
  • have an urge to learn about and explore previously unknown territory
  • have experience with copywriting
  • are an experienced proofreader
  • have experience with localisation string translation and testing
  • have experience with teaching English
  • have a high level of linguistic and grammatical understanding
  • live in commuting distance from E2 9DR in London (where the Memrise office is located)
  • would love to work in an agile environment
  • are driven by seeing the results of your efforts
  • are not allergic to cats
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