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销售渠道拓展Sales Development Specialist

Shanghai, China

Job description

Sales Development Specialist


Specific Duties

* Qualify and develop inbound and outbound sales leads and respond to product inquiries

* Run email campaigns to generate new sales prospects

* Drive attendance for marketing campaigns and events

* Complete accurate tracking of communication with current and potential customers in

* Work with upper level managers and directors to design region specific outbound efforts

* Schedule demonstrations between Sales Representatives and potential customers

Essential Personal Traits

* Analytical and Strategic Thinking – Ability to analyze business opportunities and read situations well. Capable of developing compelling strategies that deliver results. Gathers and uses data to inform decision making and persuade others.

* Leadership – Always focused on doing what’s right for the business. High energy and contagious enthusiasm.  Willing to take on the tough projects and challenges to grow the business. Creates an environment where others want to follow. Governs themselves with unquestionable ethics and unswerving integrity.

* Autonomous Productivity – Ability to be highly productive with periodic direct management and with little oversight from senior management.

* Accountability – Sets goals and drives to their fulfillment. Takes responsibility for their actions and for outcomes related to their actions (or inactions). Wants to be held accountable for successes and failures. Shares the credit and takes the blame.

* Communication – Able to speak and write clearly, concisely, and compellingly. Is honest, open, and thoughtful in word and in action. Able to present complex messages to multiple levels of an organization with the ability to survey for needs and without the need to rely on large PowerPoint decks. Able to clearly communicate process expectations and value to prospects.

* Connecting – Able to find common ground and gain personal and professional trust.

* Discernment – Ability to correctly read people, political and business situations and develop, adjust and execute an appropriate business strategy.

* Creative Problem Solving – Never gives up. Continually finds ways to overcome challenges and obstacles.

* Teamwork – Works collaboratively with others and gives coaching and advice when you see an opportunity for improvement in performance. Shares information, addresses conflict professionally and fulfills commitments. Works exceptionally well across functional groups. Recognize that we are a team and take the time to invest in colleagues to make everyone stronger

 Basic Qualifications:

* 2+ years experience in Lead Generation or Inside Sales at a SAAS company and/or Recruiting/Sourcing experience.

* Experience working with or other CRM

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Chinese.


Preferred Qualifications:

* Strong phone and interpersonal communication skills (verbal and written) as well as organizational skills

* Requires highly motivated individual with a competitive personality and strong attention to detail

* Experience working and succeeding in a goal driven environment

* Working knowledge of MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PPT)

* Excellent academic qualifications; Bachelor’s Degree Required




领英正在寻找最出色的销售精英助力人才解决方案的推广。候选人将通过卓有成效的销售机会和对外的活动帮助推进领英人才解决方案(LinkedIn Talent Solution)业务。理想的候选人需要有出色的销售业绩并且渴望加入这样一个充满活力、快速发展的团队。




  • 通过接听和主动打出电话的方式发掘销售机会,并积极准确地回应有关产品的问询
  • 通过电子邮件营销活动发掘并预测新销售前景
  • 协助相关营销活动吸引参与者
  • 使用com填写追踪与现有及潜在客户的沟通细节
  • 协同上级经理及主管设计区域性产品信息推广方案。
  • 安排客户经理为潜在客户进行展示




  • 分析及战略性思考:能够分析洞察商业机会并把握时机。有能力执行公司策略并达到目标。整合利用数据从而影响决策并有说服力。
  • 领导力:始终从公司利益出发。有活力和热情感染力,乐于承担不易完成的项目并且帮助公司一同成长。能够创造可影响他人的积极环境并保持团队的统一观念及工作氛围
  • 自主高效工作:发挥主观能动性高效自主地开展工作
  • 可靠: 能够完成已设定目标。能够为自己的工作行为及其后果负责。愿意为结果负责,不推卸不抱怨
  • 沟通能力:口语及书面语表达清晰,简洁,准确。能够诚实,开放并经过思考的表达。有能力不依赖于PowerPoint的辅助为企业不同层级传达复杂信息,并正确表述可预计的前景和价值。
  • 人际交往能力:能够找到共同点并很快建立人际及工作上的信任。
  • 洞察力:有能力正确分辨识别不同的人和场合,调整并执行适当的业务策略。
  • 创造性的解决问题:不言放弃。总试图找寻探索新的方法应对挑战和解决困难。
  • 团队协作精神:与同事协同合作并积极给予建议,机遇或改进。分享工作间的信息资料,尊重专业并履行承诺。能够出色完成跨团队工作。致力于通过团队协作让每个人都做的更好。




  • 两年以上电话销售经验,或猎头经验
  • com或其他CRM相关系统使用经验
  • 流利的中英文沟通和书写能力




  • 出色的电话沟通能力,出色的组织能力
  • 高度自我激励,不惧竞争,并注重细节
  • 有经验在目标驱动的环境下工作并成功
  • 能够熟练操作MS办公系统Word, Excel, Outlook, and PPT
  • 出色的学术能力;本科或以上学历


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