SSA & Company is hiring a

Marketing Intern

New York, United States

This paid position is not your typical internship. There is no getting coffee unless you need a caffeine pick-me-up. There are no trips to the drycleaner unless you spill that coffee on yourself. You’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing professional services by working on real, market-facing materials. Our marketing department helps position and expand several boutique businesses in the marketplace, and you will help guide each of them as we continue our exponential growth.


What we’re looking for

  • A tenacious learner who thrives under pressure. No two days here are ever the same, and things can happen very quickly. You should embrace insanity and not shy away from a challenge.
  • A business fanatic. You should relentlessly strive to view the world from the CEO level, which includes macroeconomics, operations management, talent & succession, business development, advanced analytics, using analytics to inform decision-making, and more.
  • A strong writer and researcher. Your professors consistently comment that your writing ability is beyond your years.
  • Someone who is maniacal about detail. When something has two spaces instead of one, you cringe. When a picture is slightly askew, you are compelled to straighten it.
  • A self-starter. We don’t expect you to have the answers. We expect you to ask the questions. We also understand that you won’t know what you don’t know, and we won’t throw you into the ocean without a life jacket, but we will gradually deflate it.
  • A dedicated reader. In the business of serving CEOs, information and insights are the most effective tools in our toolbox, and without a commitment to understanding the outside world, we cannot effectively do our jobs.


What you’ll learn

  • How to maintain an intranet that holds firm-wide intellectual property, HR news, and more.
  • How to plan and execute an event, by:
    • Developing target lists, drafting and editing invitations/follow-ups, etc.
    • Tracking campaign responses, RSVPs, notes, etc.
  • How to maintain and grow CRM through extensive Salesforce usage.
  • Best practices in marketing collateral by editing case studies, team bios, sales decks, website, physical collateral, and more.
  • What it takes to create engaging content—from the initial idea through final delivery.
  • How to effectively run a campaign from concept through wrap reporting.
  • How to use customer insights to continuously improve performance and drive growth.


Skills you will enhance

  • Microsoft Office. You’re probably already a formula whiz, and pivot tables likely come naturally to you. We’ll take that one step further by sharpening your overall Office skills.
  • Maybe you’ll know some campaign metrics and reporting, but we’ll help turn you into a CRM pro.
  • Creative Suite. You can already remove blemishes from photos in Photoshop and maybe design an invitation with InDesign, but we’ll help impart design level thinking and help you to be able to execute the creative parts of campaigns.
  • Event management. Perhaps you planned your student professional organization’s guest lecture series. Maybe you’ve planned a lunch and learn in a previous internship. You’ll refine your experience to be able to run an event on your own.


If you were here last month you’d have…

  • Helped with our G100 Companies dinner in London, which convened 50+ executives from around the world.
  • Helped propel a brand definition project for a 25+ year old company.
  • Written, edited, and updated social media copy for multiple portals.
  • Helped plan and execute our upcoming marketing event.
  • Learned some of the new software and tools that we’ve implemented across the firm.

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