Index Exchange is hiring a

VP Network Operations

Toronto, Canada

At Index Exchange, we create software and infrastructure to handle huge volumes of secure information travelling very quickly over incredible distances serving ads to millions of people around the world. An average transaction in our system is faster than the blink of an eye running at the scale of hundreds of thousands of requests each and every second of the day. Our company often gets mistaken for a stock or finance company and while we’re firmly rooted in Ad Tech, the underlying principles are the same - our system needs to be ironclad and outages avoided at any cost. We’re looking for a VP of Network Operations to bolster and support our existing efforts in monitoring, security and responsiveness. In the words of our CEO, we need someone to ‘watch the castle.’

The ideal candidate will have a healthy level of paranoia, the ability to pinpoint problems areas in a vast and complicated system and to see the connection between seemingly disparate indicators and signals. You’ll go to great pains to prove that an aberration in one part of the system doesn’t somehow herald a problem in another area, second guess every decision we make in development, infrastructure and operations and sound the alarm bell way more than anyone would like. You also have to thrive in stressful conditions and love pressure, as situations will arise where the heat will be on and you need to be at your best when it’s the hottest. This role demands a person who can build a system and team to recognize minute anomalies and pattern variations, uncover their meaning and act with an immediate response. The fact is threats and issues evolve over time and we want someone who not only understands the history and breadth of the web but can also anticipate changes on the horizon and prepare us accordingly. It will be incumbent on you to build a system on top of existing tools and add a layer of redundancy to our current monitoring efforts. If there’s an problem we want to know within a minute and have a solution ready within the hour. As much as we value work/life balance the fact is that you and your team will be on all the time. Sleep is secondary to security.

You will:

  • Be highly responsible and responsive - any outage, no matter the time, is hugely important and needs to be caught and addressed in real time
  • Exercise a painfully high degree of caution in everything you do
  • Build a comprehensive and scalable monitoring and alarm system that takes into account all existing products/tools/providers and complements these efforts with a layer of redundancy and coverage
  • Lead all outage prevention, alarm and disaster recovery initiatives
  • Own the Network Operations function for the company - be the individual who at any moment knows the exact health, and state of the platform
  • Define and sculpt escalation and reporting strategies for different departments and mobilizes existing teams to deal with issues on all sides of our product

You have:

  • 5+ years of experience in a network/operations role with in-depth knowledge of contemporary local, network, wide area, and wireless networking technologies
  • A degree in Computer Science or a related discipline
  • A high degree of technical proficiency combined with a healthy understanding of how our business and technology works
  • Excellent problem solving - not every issue deserves an escalation, the ability to avoid crying wolf at the wrong time, but not missing it at the right time, is an art form
  • Measured paranoia and obsessiveness with security
  • Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and/or weekends and maintain a variable schedule as necessary

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