Originate is hiring a

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Tustin, United States

Originate is passionate about innovation. We partner with Startups and Enterprises to Design, Build, and Operate transformative software moving the world towards an AI-Native Future.


Our Tech Environment

New products are built primarily using Scala, RoR, Node.js, Go, and any number of front-end technologies (React, GraphQL, Webpack, Redux, etc.). Mobile development is both iOS and Android.

Software is packaged with Docker and deployed with CircleCI on top of AWS and/or DC/OS. We leverage open source components such as Cassandra, Spark, Kafka and PostgresSQL for our data plane. Infrastructure is managed using Ansible and Terraform and monitored with Datadog.

You’ll find individuals hacking with everything else (Haskell, Clojure, Elixir, Elm, Rust, etc.) and we’re always ready to use a new language or a new framework when it’s ready or when a project dictates.

We work in small, fast-paced, cross-functional agile teams.


What Makes Us Different

  • You will work with smart, creative, and humble people that are passionate about building things, solving problems, and collaboration.
  • We value your passions and interests. At Originate, 20% of your company time you can work on your own side-project/startup no strings attached; read more here.
  • We believe in the power of shared outcomes. Through our Profit Sharing Program, you can share in 50% of Originate’s global profit.
  • We offer a flexible schedule and an open vacation policy.


Required experience

  • You are passionate about your craft and love working with folks who feel equally strongly about their professions.
  • 3+ years of recent experience managing DevOps at a medium to large sized company (terabytes to petabytes of data, distributed system).
  • Recent experience managing/maintaining a Cassandra cluster.
  • Recent experience with Docker.



  • Experience with DC/OS or similar technology.
  • Experience with Spark.
  • Experience with Go and/or Scala.
  • Experience with configuration management tools.
  • Experience with Terraform.
  • Strong coding skills.



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