Usabilla is hiring a

Product Owner

Amsterdam, Netherlands

At Usabilla, we believe in the power of user feedback. That’s why we’re continuously innovating our Voice of Customer solution to help our clients test, measure, and improve the user experience and usability of their online channels. Over the past couple of years we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, so we’re in need of exceptional Product Owners to drive the development of our products, ensuring they continue to grow with us.


Why we need you:

  • We’re currently in the midst of one of our toughest challenges yet. As we tackle rebuilding our main product while continuing to enhance our entire product suite, you’ll be the one communicating our goals and priorities to the people that matter.
  • As well as tackling each challenge with a fresh perspective, we’re in need of a Product Owner who can pioneer the growth and development of our product team. You’ll have a real say in shaping our processes as the company continues to expand.
  • At Usabilla there’s no middle man, you’ll have direct contact to the users, plus you’ll have time and resources at your disposal. We want a Product Owner who can be actionable with the influx of data we receive, working in continuous iterations to measure, learn, build and test across multiple platforms.
  • Working with a comprehensive SaaS solution is a never-ending learning experience. Not only will you have to get your head around the complex solutions we build, but you’ll have to convey these effortlessly to all key stakeholders at all times. You are able to understand and discuss technical concepts, trade-offs and ideas with technical as well as non-technical people.
  • In addition to a qualitative research focus, we are putting more and more emphasis on a data-driven approach at Usabilla. You will be part of further improving our methods and tools by applying quantitative data in analysis and decision making.


On a day-to-day basis you will:

  • Be in constant and close contact with both our clients and Customer Success team to ensure any problems are addressed according to real user insights
  • Work together with our team of experienced UX and UI designers, exploring user needs and understanding how they can be best translated into new features, interactions and products
  • Support and inspire our development teams making sure they fully understand the vision, user needs and business requirements for the product features they are implementing
  • Collaborate directly with your team of Product owners, plus the technical and design leads, to define scope and priorities for upcoming product development cycles

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