Gapstars is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Team & Company


Gapstars Sri Lanka has teamed up with the fastest growing Education-tech company in the world. Based in Netherlands and with offices all over the world, our client is helping students to make an educated choice with regards to their University degree.


As senior software engineer you will play an important role in further developing and rolling out our RESTful API, which will be at the base of all our current and future products. Your responsibilities range from working on the core of our systems all the way up to producing proof-of-concept web applications.


You will work in an international, multidisciplinary scrum team of about five people, taking input from our graphic designers, UX Designers and our Student and University Value teams in order to realize the best implementations possible.


Significant previous experience working in an Agile/Scrum-environment. We place little value in formal qualifications in this field; only actual "hands-on" experience counts. You need to “get” the concept of iterative software development focused on delivering end-user value in small increments. The four points of the Agile-manifesto provide an accurate representation of the required mind-set.

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