CodeMinded B.V. is hiring an

Agile Security Specialist

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Security as an integrated component of your software development cycle. We call it “build-in” security or SecDevOps. If you want to make the most of what this has to offer, it is essential to make sure that threat modeling, risk assessments and pentesting are included in your SDLC from the moment you start your planning phase. This means that Security is also a component of Agile Working.

Do you believe that you, a Security Specialist, should be an essential member of the development team?


Our journey is heading towards being the best in making applications secure - the Agile Way. You, the Agile Security Specialist, works closely with your colleagues and have an impact on the final product from the very start. You are responsible for, e.g..:

Making risk, vulnerability and threat assessments, black/white/grey-box assessments, and threat modeling.

Making the SDLC secure.

Being the contact for the client as regards Security and Agile Working.

Passing on knowledge about how the client can incorporate Security the Agile Way.

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