CodeMinded B.V. is hiring an

UX Consultant (Dutch only)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The UX Consultant is involved in setting up the UX process within one of more scrum teams and gives substance to it. He/she is an expert in one of the UX key areas, has excellent knowledge of UX methods and ample experience with user testing and prototyping. The greatest challenge for the Consultant is to create a UX-mindset in a team and to streamline the process.


We work on the principle that by helping our users, we help our own business grow too. As an UX Consultant, you are the person who decides, with the developers, how the product should take shape, all the while listening carefully to the stakeholders.

Your responsibilities as a UX Consultant are:

Customer intimacy: the UX Consultant decides which methods are used.

Quality without compromise: devised solutions that are not feasible will not be accepted in the UX view.

Taking extra time for a (users) survey if you think it’s necessary.

Escalating development if the product deviates from the intended product.


Can produce prototypes and conduct user tests for things like usability.

Can substantiate your choices from the theory, research or statistics.

Excel in communication, communication skills to set people in motion and to discover and ensure the right choices.

Have sound basic design and technical knowledge.

Give substance to the position of a scrum master or product owner.

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