CodeMinded B.V. is hiring a

Full Stack Developer (Clojure/Scala)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As a Full Stack Developer you participate in building beautiful and innovative platforms, systems, websites and online tools for our clients. Our clients are well known Dutch companies (Coolblue, Bijenkorf, Blokker, Gaastra, McGregor, ArboNed, the National Postcode Lottery) but also international customers (Intertrust Group, G4S, 2theloo, Xenos, Securitas and People’s Postcode Lottery).

As a new member of the team with a focus on both Backend and Frontend you will be building new microservices that expose data to the Frontend or perform analytics on the large quantity of data that passes through our systems. We have adopted functional programming and are looking for people with experience with languages like Scala and Clojure. We'd like to leverage CQRS (for example using GraphQL) to make client-side development more flexible and productive. We also want to adopt event sourcing in order to gather more data to distil business insights for our clients. We leverage Docker and CoreOS to automate our infrastructure. Our database is MySQL and we use Redis and ElasticSearch for caching and search.

Our existing Frontend code is written in JavaScript, with a Node.js middleware between the client and the API. The next step will be adopting React and functional programming, which is something our team has a lot of experience with. We want to make our Frontend applications more generic and performant, for example by allowing universal rendering on both the client and the server. Our ideal candidate already has experience with functional programming in the Frontend, for example using Mori.js, Immutable.js, ClojureScript, Scala.js or Elm. Prior exposure to React is also ideal.

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