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Senior Software Engineer - Krakow, Poland

Kraków, Poland

Solution Developer - Enterprise Applications
Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate 

Want to Work for a Different Type of Software Company? Join the Guidewire team.

At Guidewire, a combination of good working conditions, an excellent market opportunity, a rational and meritocratic company culture, quality software products, and a long history of careful hiring have allowed us to create an enviable work environment. Business Insider repeatedly ranks Guidewire as a top tech employer in Silicon Valley, and we are honored to be voted by employees as a “Best Place to Work” on Glassdoor. Find out why.

 We live by core values every day.  

At Guidewire, we value people at every stage of their career and try to minimize the barriers to collaboration. It is reflected in how we communicate with each other company-wide and on projects.  Every engineer and consultant brings something to the table whether in the earlier years of their career or after a long and successful progression.   We strive for integrity in all that we do:  truthful relationships with customers, prospective customers, partners, investors, and each other.  As we grow, our commitment to integrity has only increased. 

We prize clear, rational and collaborative communications on our projects that are plainly based on logic, total commitment to quality, and to making decisions based on factual evidence.  You would be working on a team that is comprised of professional equals with a minimum of hierarchy. We don’t place high importance on titles; it’s more about what you do.

We know who we are. Guidewire is a software company.

Our customers are insurance companies, and insurance software is surprisingly complex, difficult to get right, and actually a lot of fun to work on. Demand for our software is on the rise, and we are growing to meet the needs of the market.

What will I be doing?

Solution Developer – Krakow Development Centre (KDC)

Watch our Director of Engineering describe what we do: 
Video: What we do at Guidewire

If you are an independent, self-starting and quality-minded software developer with top-notch communication and analysis skills, we would like to talk to you.

Guidewire is expanding our European Development Centre based in Krakow. You will be working on a small, collaborative team building extensions and configuration for our core applications to address a wide range of market needs. This is fast-paced, varied and challenging work, and may involve country- or market-specific business needs one day and complex integration with third-party software or systems the next.

Our Solution Developers are software engineers and more. Your work will require you to learn about a business or technical problem and use the right set of requirements and think creatively about a solution. You’ll find the right tool for the job, then architect and build reliable, flexible solutions on our modern technology platform. We consider quality from the start, test thoroughly and constantly work to improve our agile processes. We move quickly yet have the patience not to get ahead of ourselves. As a member of the EDC, you will have a lot of responsibility and a chance to influence the way the team works. If this position resonates with you, contact us today.


We care most about your critical thinking skills and technical talent, however, prior experience with a majority of the following is desired.

  • Experience building n-tier web applications using Java-based technologies such as J2EE, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate
  • Experience with facets of enterprise software systems development, including relational database systems (JDBC, ORM, data modeling and design), software architecture, system integration (messaging, web services, SOA), web UI
  • Skilled at writing unit tests and testable components
  • Clear written communication and documentation skills
  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent from third-level or higher education institution
  • Experience in software product development and delivery experience
  • Ability to work in the Krakow area with occasional travel to our headquarters in Foster City, California


Why Guidewire?

  • Join us at the time when we are expanding the team in Ireland as a world-class software development, consulting and services centre. Each individual has the opportunity to make an impact on the business and processes.
  • In the words of Marcus Ryu, our founder:

“In starting Guidewire, our primary motivation was to build a better company. We wanted Guidewire to be different from other places we had worked: more honest, more dedicated to customers, more committed to quality. We would always tell the truth, hire the most capable people we could find, and foster a collaborative, high-performing work environment. And we would meet a fundamental market need.”

  • The mission then translates into core values that we live by daily: We value integrity in everything we do; an atmosphere of collegiality – we help each other to ensure customer success and operate as a meritocracy; and practicality – making decisions based on factual evidence.
  • Work with an enterprise enterprise-class software product company deploying small, elite teams to solve complex problems in an Agile environment. Insurance core systems must be capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, millions of transactions, and integration to complex enterprise IT environments.  Moreover, they must have the complete reliability and performance required of financial syste-ms-of-record. 
  • We work on demanding software engineering projects for our core system built on modern service-oriented enterprise architecture, with no legacy code.
  • At Guidewire we invest in and grow our own talent from within. We send our developers for intense training and certification in their first month.

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