criteo is hiring a

Senior Director of Engineering of Predictive Search

Palo Alto, United States

We are looking for a senior engineering leader for a fast growing game-changing product, Criteo Predictive Search. Criteo has been very successful in growing display advertising business using large scale machine learning and business model innovation around pay for performance.  

Search advertising business is fragmented with a bunch of smaller niche players and agencies that use a variety of manual and semi-automatic techniques. Criteo Predictive Search is taking a Machine learning approach and pay for performance business model to disrupt the search advertising business.



  • Manage, recruit, motivate and mentor world class engineering talent.
  • Solve problems, not relying on delegates, able to make the tough calls when necessary.
  • Effectively prioritize and represent the engineering team. 

  • Working closely with product, sales, and our partners in the US to deliver outstanding products according to defined KPIs.
  • Shipping awesome code and products on time and at very high quality. 

  • Working with the other teams in R&D to ensure seamless integration into the global Criteo infrastructure. 

  • Promoting a strong engineering culture and passion for quality and things well done. 

  • Together with the other engineering leaders in Criteo Palo Alto, contributing to the general health and well-being of the Palo Alto R&D hub. 


  • BSc in Computer Science or a related field. 

  • A rock-solid foundation in Computer Science (data structures, algorithms, software 
  • 6+ years of programming experience in Java, C#, or C++. 

  • At least 3 years’ experience managing teams of 20+ engineers. 

  • Excellent understanding of software development methodologies and tools. 

  • A passion for shipping quality code and for automated testing. 

  • Experience taking direct product ownership and acting as a senior technical lead (e.g. to bootstrap new projects). 

  • Experience in developing and extending complex systems across multiple release cycles. 

  • Technical prowess particularly earning credibility and respect of current engineering team. 

  • Great oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong people and management skills; world-class recruiter and mentor. 

  • Not a micro-manager or a “manager of managers”. 

  • Ability to straddle business as well as technology requirements. 

  • Track record of delivering against strong product commitments. 

  • Strong desire to make a big impact and name for him/her self. 

  • Ability to work with remote teams across different time zones, and readiness to travel to Paris sufficiently often (at least four times a year). 


  • MS or PhD in Software Engineering or related field. A background in Machine Learning would be a big plus. 

  • A combination of long-term vision and ability to focus on key operational aspects.
  • Experience with balancing a hands-on engineering role while managing teams of 20+ engineers. 

  • Working in a very fast-paced and continuously changing environment. 

  • Experience with technologies such as Hadoop, HBase, MapReduce, Hive, Kafka, 
Storm, Spark, NoSQL databases, etc.


  • Execution: Results orientation with figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality
  • Technology Leader: Developers will respect and learn from

  • Standard of Excellence: Able to keep bar high - both team and product
  • Passion: A natural curiosity and desire to excel
  • Entrepreneurial: Flexible, resourceful, figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality
  • Leader: Recognized as an effective leader and a disciplined motivator and mentor
  • Communicator: Excellent listener; proven collaborator with superiors, peers and staff
  • Achiever: Consistently attained/exceeded individual and team goals

  • Team Player: Capable of motivating the various stakeholders to work towards same goal
  • High Integrity: Skilled in conflict resolution

  • Hands-on Style: Able to roll up his/her sleeves and remove obstacles from engineers’ paths
  • Flexibility: To work in a dynamic culture
  • Practical: Versus academic (product release weekly)

  • Confident: Secure in own capabilities and working with people smarter than themselves
  • Fun: A++ people skills, humble and fun to be around



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